What is Leadership and its Importance
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What is Leadership and its Importance

Published by: Piyush Bhatia (20)
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Leadership is the ability possessed by some persons to motivate, guide & lead others. Those who are lead may have hidden abilities and potential which can only be realized under able leadership. This is similar to a child having the ability to sit, move, speak or walk but requiring someone to guide or lead him.

True leadership is helping people to achieve their full potential by giving them a purpose & direction.

The qualities of a Good Leader are:

  1. Natural Ability: Some people are born leaders with a burning desire to forge a different path.
  2. An example to follow: Good Leaders set great examples for others to follow.
  3. Good leaders are good listeners: A good leader is not ashamed to seek suggestions from the people whom he leads. It improves participation and productivity.
  4. Constant Improvement: Leadership qualities need constant refinements. A fine leader is always in the making.
  5. Be one with the team: A leader should never stand aloof from his men. Encouraging those who come out with positive suggestions boosts their morale.
  6. Encourage education & training: It is a truism that learning never ends. Constant education and training helps people to contribute to better team performance.
  7. Never hide your mistakes: Only those who act can commit mistakes. The team greatly admires a leader who accepts his mistakes as a mark of true courage.
  8. Tackle the bad apple: Do not allow a problem creator to get away. Tackle him immediately and firmly.
  9. Celebrate each other’s success: Team members must be trained to appreciate and acknowledge each other’s achievement. Crab mentality where each pulls the other down must be avoided at all cost.
  10. Motivation: An important way to motivate your team is to hold functions, give awards and generally recognize achievements of the team.
  11. Awake abilities: A good leader conducts contests and competitions to bring out the latest talents and abilities of the team.
  12. Expose: A good leader gives his team maximum exposure so that they gain experience and knowledge in all kinds of situations.
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