What is Product Design?
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What is Product Design?

Published by: Rohit Ramesh (20)
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Product design is associated with the products, systems and those who use them.The product designing process starts from idea generation and goes on to the commercialization process. Their significance in the industry has been supported by digital tools that allows better communication, visualization, analyzation of ideas. The evolution of product design has led to 3D printing - these printers can produce three dimensional products of different materials. The product designers pitch ideas to the clients, see that these ideas meet the needs of the company and turn them into tangible products. According to Koberg and Bagnall, product design process has three aspects - analysis, concept and synthesis.The design team start their research and incorporate materials to develop the product. The aim is not only developing, but also problem solving. After a series of brainstorming sessions, the team narrow down the ideas to a select few. Post this stage, prototypes are built and pitched constantly among the team members and the clients. In the last stage, the product is tested and the required improvements are made. While developing a product, a product designer has to consider the wide audience or a set of people the company is catering to and take into consideration the usability and functionality. The job sometimes involves the designer to specialize in one product - make improvements, increase the efficiency and functionality of the product. NID offers a masters degree in Product design (15 seats) and the programs aims to give inputs in studio skills, advanced CAD, research methods, design management, materials, manufacturing, social sciences and ergonomics. Other colleges like Srishti School of Art & Design, Pearl Academy, Symbiosis university, DSK Pune, PES University offer courses in this field. Companies like Philips, update their light bulbs with every campaign - the light bulbs are safer to use, the option of mood lighting fits the occasion accordingly. Nike works on improving their products by changing materials constantly - foam and nylon in the shoes. Philippe Starck and Dieter Rams are pioneers in the field of product design. Product design agencies in India like Studio Fifi are dedicated in the field of product design.
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