What is the Added Benefit of a Facebook Page Admin Being Able to Send Direct Invites
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What is the Added Benefit of a Facebook Page Admin Being Able to Send Direct Invites

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Facebook has decided to allow Page administrators and owners to send direct invites to friends. The idea is that having the invitations sent in the form a notification will get more users to take notice and help marketers gain more followers in the process. Notifications are what drive many people to Facebook, so this is obviously a good thing for Page owners as it provides an outlet that can be used to increase their number of fans.

The Evolution of Facebook Page Recommendations

Back when the Page was affectionately known as a Fan Page, Facebook allowed both administrators and general users to make suggestions to others. These recommendations would show up in the Requests section of the user’s home page that also included invitations to join apps and game incentives. At the beginning of the year, the social network pulled the plugged and stopped allowing users to send recommendations to friends, essentially cutting off a channel that enabled many Pages to grow. Of course administrators and owners could still send them,
but users were forced to resort to making suggestions on their wall, which made them much easier to get lost and overlooked.

In April of this year, Facebook decided to do away with the Request section of its interface entirely. In the process, it limited Page administrators to indirect recommendations. These suggestions would show up randomly on the right side of a user’s profile when performing various actions on the site. Thanks to the recent update, however, Page administrators are once again permitted to suggest their Page to friends. The direct approach obviously benefits the brand, but it also works in favor of users who may want to connect with that brand.

An Easier Way to Manage Page Invites

With the ability to send direct Page invites comes a new intuitive format for managing those invitations. Administrators can send out invitations directly from their Page via the conveniently accessible “Invite Friends” link on the right side of the interface. Click this link, and you can choose to add friends based on certain criteria, and even invite multiple friends at a time. Once invited, users receive a notification that directs them to the Page in question, where they can then decide if they want to connect by liking it. As you can see, this isn’t anything of groundbreaking proportions, but the added convenience will be appreciated by Page administrators and owners. 


The Facebook Page has undergone significant changes over the last couple of years, and it looks as if giving administrators the power to send direct invites is another part of its evolution. Facebook appears to not only be on a mission to improve the experience for users, but also the increasing number of brands that are flocking to establish a presence. Like we said, this move doesn’t have any revolutionary implications, but the convenience factor alone makes it worthy of embracing.

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