What Kinds of Foods Can Strengthen Bones
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What Kinds of Foods Can Strengthen Bones

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Strengthening bones depends on two key nutrients: calcium and vitamin D. In general, adults under the age of 50 should have a daily intake of 1000 milligrams of calcium and 5 micrograms of vitamin D; while people over age 50 need have an intake of 1200 mg of calcium and 10 to15 micrograms of vitamin D. The “Health” magazine of the United States lately carried an article to recommend 10 kinds of foods that can strengthen bones.

1. Yogurt. Most people get vitamin D through the sun; in fact, yogurt is rich in vitamin D. Drinking a cup of nonfat yogurt can satisfy the human daily requirement for 30% of calcium and 20% of the vitamin D.

2. Milk. A cup (250 ml) of milk contains only 90 kcal of heat, but it can meet 30% of the daily calcium requirement. If you choose vitamin D fortified milk, the effect must be better.

3. Cheese. The calcium content of 43g cheese exceeds 30% of the daily calcium requirement. However, it is noteworthy that excessive consumption of cheese will result in gaining weight, which is not conducive to joint health.

4. Sardines. Canned sardines are often made​​, although they seem rather strange, but which contains vitamin D and calcium, but contrary to popular belief.

5. Eggs. The vitamin D in eggs mainly exists in the egg yolks. Although the content is only 6% of daily demand, eating eggs is the most convenient way to obtain.

6. Salmon. Salmon is usually popular due to good for the heart, but about 85 grams of salmon flesh on the body all the vitamin D to meet daily demand.

7. Spinach. If you cannot eat dairy products, then you can obtain calcium by eating spinach. Eating a small bowl of spinach can add 25% calcium of the body’s daily demand. In addition, spinach also contains fiber, iron and vitamin A that are conducive to health.

8. Grains. The vitamin D contained in cereals can meet the daily demand of 25%. If you do not have the opportunity to eat salmon or bask in the sun, eating cereals is also a good way to supply vitamin D.

9. Tuna. In addition to salmon, tuna is another kind of fish that is rich in vitamin D. A tuna about 85 grams contains about 3.8 micrograms of vitamin D, which is 39% of daily vitamin D demand.

10. Orange juice. Although orange juice does not contain calcium or vitamin D, the rich vitamin C in it can promote the body’s absorption of calcium.

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