What makes Wood-Fired Pizza the best choice for Events?
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What makes Wood-Fired Pizza the best choice for Events?

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Many people list pizza as one of their favourite food. It is no wonder that this delicious Italian creation has become an international sensation. Why settle for something less than the best when it comes to pizza? Wood-fired pizza can give you the rich flavour as it comes from traditional cooking practices. Wood-fired pizza offered by mobile pizza catering Sydney is prepared in the wood-burning oven by the ancient method of food preparation. According to catering experts, there are many benefits to cooking pizza and many other foods in a wood-burning oven. This makes wood-fired pizza an ultimate choice for any event, and it is both a healthy and tasty treat. What does wood-fired mean? To say that a pizza is wood fired, it has to be prepared in a wood-fired oven. The wood-burning oven is made of heat-conducting materials such as clay, brick and even concrete. Wood is burnt to heat the oven to reach extremely high cooking temperatures, and the dough with ingredients is added in. The mobile pizza catering service when you hire them will reach even before your party starts to prepare the oven and take only a few minutes to cook an entire pie to bubbly crispy perfection. How mobile woodfired pizza Sydney different from regular ones? Visual difference: Wood-fired pizzas will have some perfect imperfections. There may be some large bubbles on the crust or in the centre. It is the nature of fast cooking and high heat used. Texture: The top and centre of the wood-fired pizza will remain chewy and buoyant, while the bottom of the crust attains a charred exterior. Once again thanks to the high heat used for this unique texture! Taste: Cooked within minutes, the wood-fired oven has its effect on imparting a delightful contrast on the finished and served pizza. The bottom of the crust gets cooked quickly giving it a pleasant flavour on the edges which makes the pizza taste a little smoky in a good way! The hot wood oven used will cook the cheese and toppings much quicker allowing them to retain freshness rather than being dried or burnt to a crisp in slower cooking ovens. Pizza catering Sydney offer toppings based on the preference of your guest which remains nicely textured, the cheese is melted and bubbling. The combination of chewy crust and the flavoursome toppings when it comes together is like true love. Every pizza at a party is better with a glass of drinks choose yours for your guest and rock your party.
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