What People Should Notice in Keeping Fitness in Hot Summer
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What People Should Notice in Keeping Fitness in Hot Summer

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In hot summer, many girls choose to do exercise to lose weight, and people who love sports also will not miss this opportunity. However, this season is the high peak of sunstroke and other cardiovascular diseases. The following tips should be mentioned by them.

It is appropriate to have 30 minutes of exercise every time. In the hot weather, the body’s energy consumption is naturally high. If people could not control the exercise time in keeping fitness, it is easy to lead to low blood glucose, decreased resistance and even serious syncope. So, excessive exercise in summer is not good for health. People are suggested to reduce the exercise amount and do not try outdoor exercise under the sun. For common people, it is suitable to persist 30 to 45 minutes; but to who have the willing to lose weight, they can prolong the exercise time to 40 minutes.

The water supplement in summer should be moderate. As the higher consumption in summer, excessive sports could accelerate the water loss in body. Therefore, it is very necessary to supplement water and people should better drink two cups of water half hour before exercise.

If the outdoor exercise time exceeds half hour, you should bring bottles of water with you. And it is better to be salt saline or salt water which could supplement salt to body. But the drinking amount should be appropriate. Drinking large amount of water after doing exercise not only is not suitable for blood circulation system and digestive system, but also increases the burden on heart. In addition, drinking a lot of water could result to more sweat and further loss of salt and result in spasms and cramps.

Try to choose indoor programs. Due to the impact of the hot sunshine, many outdoor sports are less suitable to do. Indoor sports could protect the skins from the harm of ultraviolet. Indoor swimming is the best program to do exercise in summer. Swimming could not only train your whole body but also make you cool down. Hot spring, body building exercise and yoga are also good choices for you.If you could notice the above tips, I think it is good for you to not only lose weight but also keep healthy.

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