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What To Do After Level 85 In WoW Cataclysm

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What to do after level 85 in wow cataclysm ? In wow cataclysm,there are many folks asking or wondering what should be on their plate first once they reached level 85 with enough wow gold. For a raiding guild the below should put on the right path to being raid ready.  Keep reading to find out the five things you should be doing right now if you hit 85.

1. Profession Leveling
There are some professions you need to pick and choose which recipes you get and when.If that is the case focus on the recipes that will help you succeed.Coordinate with other guildies with similar professions for example,if there are two jewelcrafters,one of you should go for spell casting gems,the other go for melee/tank gems,since most of the gems need to

 be purchased with a new jewelcrafting.
2. Guild Leveling
You want to get some of the achievements as they provide some great benefits like new cooking recipes for wow gold, guild herald, etc.Psynister from Psynister’s Notebook posted up a great article detailing out guild leveling.Make sure to keep hitting that daily experience cap in game for guild leveling in order to get all the goodies in the least amount of time possible.Also make sure to look at the achievements that provide real value to the guild for the purposes of raid progression
3. Do Normal Dungeons
Start running 84-85 dungeons like Grim Batol, Lost City, Halls of Origination.You need an average item level per Blizzard’s gear system of 329 in order to start heroics.So while the idea of getting into a PUG may frighten many of you, it can be a necessary evil especially if your guild is not available to run when you are ready to.

4. Raise Factions
Get raise reputation while running level 85 dungeons and heroics.  Therazane rep should be high on your priority for the epic shoulder enchants. After that get your helm glyph, identify your main and offspec needs, and go after your main spec first.
5. Do Heroics Repeatly

Heroics provide item level 346 blue heroics, justice points per boss kill.The first random one up on completion provides valor points which let you buy some tasty item level 359 epic items.The second random heroic provides you with bonus justice points, after that its just gold, and of course gear.Heroics also provide increased reputation over normal level 85 dungeons,so you will want to make sure you are wearing the appropriate faction tabard.Heroics also prepare you for raid fights with new fight mechanics which now include some crowd control.
The above five things should be well to be ready to handle later content of Cataclysm after you reach level 85.If you have reached level 85 and looking for the answer to what to do next,just follow these tips to reach the top floor in wow cataclysm.Or you can also buy legit wow gold at okgold.co.uk to get wow gold with the best price and best service.
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