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What Would You Like to Live for

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We all have a strange situation in this world: everyone is to do a short visit to the world, I do not know for what. But it seems also to have some kind of aware of the purpose. Well, some people live for life itself, some people struggle for life, and some people live for other people. Of course, different people have different life purpose. I can’t list all. But have you ever thought about what do you would like to live for?

However, from the view of daily lives, we are very clear about one thing: we live for others more or less. The most important thing is to live for these people: their smiles and happiness constitute the source of our happiness. At the same time, we are alive for the other countless lives. The compassion makes our lives be linked with them. I will realize my physical life and spiritual life is largely based on those living and dead people work on, and realized that I must sincerely make every effort to strive to return I get.

In fact, I live for others. I will be unhappy when I see one bad thing; I will be happy when I see a good thing. And I will have mercy on the beggar when I see them kneeing on the cold floor. I am excited for other people excited, sad as the others. But I do not think it is a tired thing. I live for others, so I can take more concern about the people around me, so that my parents, friends, even strangers can get my care. This is a good thing. Some people will say, you pretend lofty and like to be just. In fact, this is real me.

In my opinion, from an objective point of view, endless thinking about why they would exist, or what is the meaning of life is a stupid action. However, everyone has some ideals, to guide their aspirations and right from wrong. While good, beauty and truth makes my life full of the joy.

So, friends, what do you live for? You should think about it.

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