What You Have To Do Is To Stick To Yourself
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What You Have To Do Is To Stick To Yourself

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Once there is an indigenous tribe, when they have assembly activities, they must be naked together. Although they are subjected to a lot of dirty looks and verbal abuse, but they have never changed their family rules due to this.

On one occasion, the people in this tribe were infected plague, and many ethnic members were sick in bed. The doctors were all helpless in the tribe, and finally they decided to invite a famous doctor of the neighboring tribe. But that doctor knew that piece of strange rule in this tribe, so he felt very embarrassed to go to that place, but he could not refuse the repeatedly invitation. Then he thought to save the life is the most important, so the doctor agreed. The day of welcome the doctor’s arrival, the ethnic people thought, they finally brought the doctor, for the sake of respect for him, they could break a case. So that day, all the ethnic people had to wear a suit and tie, and gathered in their synagogues. The bell rang, and then the doctor came. Ethnic people suddenly were shocked. They saw the elderly doctor carrying heavy packages, but the body was naked.

People often do not know, people will respect you, and then your personality will be even respected. What you have to do is: stick to yourself.

As the story talking about, because they did not stick to their ethnic rules and making for a joke, this is not only difficult for others to respect their family rules, but also neglect the guests. Therefore, we should stick to our principles, which should not be casually broken. Because other people will get along with you according to your principles, even if you want to respect others, and then break your own principle as an exception, you have to let other people know. Don’t wait the embarrassing thing happened, we just react what a large error we have made. In fact, every country has its own system, each race has its own family rules, and everyone has their own personality, this is our intangible assets, why do we break it?

Therefore, we should stick to ourselves. By this way, other people will respect you.

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