When the Love Becomes an Instinct
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When the Love Becomes an Instinct

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Two years ago, father got the cerebral hemorrhage. After cured, he changed a lot. He not only walks slowly, but also has a bad temper like a child. The time to eating do not be distinguished by him. When mother let him to wait for a minute, he will not very happy. He has to have a sleep when 12 o’clock. No matter what happened, it is impossible to stop him. Once time ago, my brother’s son make a noise to disturb him. He was very angry and closed the three years old boy to the porch. My father was a soldier before who had a bad temper, so he is a noncompliant in the living. But my mother is a tradition woman, she obey to my father everything. In my eyes, there are no loves and passions in their marriage. They just make up a family to grow up us and finish the responsibilities in society. Mother always plays a role who is a good mother and a good wife. When she was young, she respected my mother like her senior.

When my father is old now, she trusts him like a son. She is a wonderful woman in my family. When I have my family, I cannot understand the actions of my mother. She never be loved and cared by her husband. When we talk about this thing just only my mother and me, she often smiles:” I am ok.” At weekend, my aunt comes to my home. So my mother accompanies with them to Shaolin Temple. So I take care about my father a day. It is 12 o’clock, and it is time to go to have asleep. But my father takes a chair behind the door. I ask:” you have to have asleep now, dad.” “I don’t want to” answered. “But did not the time to go to bed and if you want not to have asleep, you have to sit in the room.” “No, I want to wait for your mother.” My mother comes back home about two o’clock in the afternoon. My dad says:” I need to go to bad now.” I stay there a long time, I know my father waited for mother with heartily. I think there were no loves and passions in their marriage. But I am wrong now. The loves have becomes an instinct. I find there is a love I can’t understand now, but after few years maybe I can know that.

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