Which Kinds of People Are Prone to Become Acidic Physique
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Which Kinds of People Are Prone to Become Acidic Physique

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We often hear that people of acidic physique are more vulnerable to cancer, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and even immune system disorders. But what kinds of people are more prone to become acidic physique?

Imbalanced diet: Long-term imbalanced diet would cause physique change in a certain extent. For example, when some people are under high pressure, they would like to eat chocolate or cakes to boost the spirit. The frequent intake of sweet foods could not only make people fat. They are refined carbohydrates, and in order to avoid rapid rise in blood sugar, the body releases large amounts of insulin to promote rapid decline in blood glucose levels. However, it may lead to insulin exhaustion for a long time and then evolve into diabetes.

Lack of exercise: Do more exercise to sweat more, and it can help the body expel excess acid. But in modern society, people often work in office and take cars instead of walking. Their exercise amount is greatly reduced, which will lead to the long-term retention of acid metabolites in the body.

Pressure: We all know that pressure is a kind of physical problem. When the pressure accumulated to a certain degree, it will result in physical disease. When the negative emotions last for a long time, brain cells secrete some chemicals which may affect the endocrine system and suppress immune function. Headache, infectious diseases, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer will follow.

Constant exposure to pollution: Pollution of the external environment includes regular riding motorcycle without wearing mask, living near large factory or airtight workplace. Harmful substances enter into the human body and may cause harm to human health. So it should not be overlooked.

Bad living habits: According to statistics, every year about one third of cancer and one fourth of cardiovascular disease are caused by smoking. Cancers of all organs in body are associated with smoking. Drinking alcohol increases the incidence of oral, throat, esophagus and liver cancers. Betel nut has been proved to have a direct relationship with oral cancer.

In fact, whether it is acidic or inflammatory, it reminds everyone to cherish their own health. It is necessary to change their bad living habits in diet, life and emotion.

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