Who is the best Dedicated Server Host?
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Who is the best Dedicated Server Host?

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Today there is a lot of hosting provider who provides web hosting solution, So it is quite difficult to choose which is the best amongst them. But according to me when it comes to best-dedicated server host then, it needs to have all type of features, specification, etc. Not only that it also needs to provide best and highly secured servers. And if you are opting for a dedicated server means that you get an entire server to yourself. There’s no sharing of CPU time, RAM or bandwidth, which means your website stays responsive at all times. So for the best dedicated server for your business, I would like to recommend you to go with HostingRaja. Yes, HostingRaja is an Indian based web hosting provider who provides best in class dedicated servers for their customers at an affordable price with amazing features, offers and discounts. With HostingRaja dedicated server you will be provided with the root access to your server. So with the help of the root access you can easily install, run, delete and edit any files, data, and software. They also provide 99.9% server uptime with 24/7 customer support via phone, chat, email and ticket system. Below are the features of HostingRaja dedicated server: >>>> Realtime Malware Injection Scan >>>> Realtime PHP/Mysql Injection Scan >>>> Option to choose Apache / Nginx >>>> Varnish Cache server to speed up to 10X >>>> SPAM protection, Isolating spammers >>>> MySql Query optimization, MySql cache optimization >>>> FREE Software load balancer Know the advantages of using Dedicated Server for your business: 1. Reliability In a shared server, the resources are shared by several users, therefore, a business using more resources would impact the performance for other users. Businesses opting for a HostingRaja dedicated server do not have to share resources with other users which boost their website’s performance and helps manage traffic better. Further, the business has full control over the resources and can control factors such as browser compatibility, advertisements, and images that impact website performance. 2. Flexibility A dedicated server allows a client the flexibility of customizing the server to the clients unique needs for CPU, RAM, disk space and software. With shared hosting, a customer is limited to the applications, software and operating environment already loaded on the server. They may either offer software a client doesn’t need or lack things that they do. Not only that with HostingRaja dedicated server allows organizations a customizable server environment that fits their needs. They can choose the platform and software they really need, allowing more control over how their dedicated server is configured. 3. Dedicated IP address You get a unique and dedicated IP address for your server which facilitates you to buy SSL certificate for your online business. 4. Secure/ Security Since you are not sharing the server so the probability of a neighbor account being compromised affecting your website is ruled out. Your server comes with anti-virus filters and firewalls. 5. Reduced overheads for server equipment If your business needs a dedicated server, you don’t necessarily have the time or resources required to manage it yourself. Using dedicated hosting can therefore be a low-cost way of accessing the resources and at HostingRaja they handle the cost of building and maintaining the equipment which in turn increases your return on investment.
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