Who Will You First Save When the Disaster Comes
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Who Will You First Save When the Disaster Comes

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When it comes to that thing, she would be tearful, because she found an answer of the question that made men distressed and women would like to ask. But the answer made her heart cool.

The question is: If the mother and wife both fell into the water, who will you first save? While she got the answer was: one time, their hometown occurred large floods, her husband carried his 50-year-old mother and 5-month-old daughter to drive his motorcycle and went away. He only left a bicycle for her to escape.

At that time, while she bitterly rode while thought: It seems nothing is better than that blood is thicker than water! This is really no wrong. His first thing is to consider the people with his blood. Only his wife has no blood connection with him, so he can re-find another one.

Later, she took the friend’s car and ran into another city, finally she was out of danger, but her heart could not calm down. The husband was safe, too. When the floods have receded, they picked up their home, and settled the mother. He continued to work in the county, and she taught at the school.

Every time she returned home, her husband was cooking while waiting for her, she felt taken for granted. Their daughter’s clothes were washed by him, and she felt it should be so. Several decades, he carefully took care of her, but she felt at ease.

However, something that happened this spring made she have a thorough understanding of her husband’s previous choice. That day, she went outside to dig wild vegetables. But the bus was suddenly caught fire at half way. There was fire giving out under the front seat, the passengers were panicked, but the door could not be opened. She sat in the last low, so she picked up the shovel ready to dig with wild to smash the glass. But she did not escape first, she first held the two students next to her send out of the bus. Before long, the driver tried to get the fire extinguished.

At this time, she suddenly realized: maybe, when the disaster comes, we choose to rely on instinct driven, because we have no time to think about the pros and cons, or right or wrong. For good people, they always think of others, even those vulnerable groups. It seems that she has no need to complain about what her husband did. Therefore, she was relieved.

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