Why are Online Coupon Codes So Popular
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Why are Online Coupon Codes So Popular

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The economic downturn has caused a shift of attitude among a large number of people. It’s no longer only about quality; the price too makes a difference. Nothing causes as much frenzy as information about a discount or offer. The trend has caught on with everybody, including manufacturers of popular consumer products, who for years had shied away from coupons and coupon sites.

Visit any online store, and at the end of the order cart, there’s a pop up asking you to punch in your coupon code or secret code, that promises you steep discounts. In fact, there are some who call up offline stores and ask them for offers to match the one offered online.

Bargain hunters who religiously cut newspaper cuttings of discounts have always existed, but with the internet, the trend has taken a new level altogether. Besides, luring the conventional bargain hunter, these sites also manage to lure people who were interested in discounts, but found it too laborious to cut strips of newspapers, save them, and use it appropriately. That perhaps explains the popularity of websites that help consumers locate online coupons. The situation is a win-win for all; consumers get the satisfaction that they’ve purchased things at a discounted rate, retailers get to benefit from added sales, and the person who displays these coupon codes gets a small margin from the sale. Besides, retailers also benefit from reduced cost of advertising and marketing. Thanks to coupon sites, they no longer have to market or promote a product or offer. A simple display on these sites, gives them better results. They also find it cheaper to present these online, as compared to the cost of displaying them in newspapers.

From everyday consumer goods to niche products and services, the coupon code culture has truly entered mainstream. Planning a wedding, but worried about the costs? All that you’ve got to do is to search for service providers who’re offering promotion codes! From the wedding planner to the wedding cake…there’s someone out there who’s offering something at a discounted price.

This has also been used as a strategy by retailers to attract customer loyalty. When you visit a site, you are requested to sign up for a newsletter. When a new product or service is launched, the ‘loyal’ customer who has subscribed for the newsletter is given access to promotion codes that the front door consumers aren’t aware off.

As earlier said, the coupon code culture is here to stay, and businesses avoiding embracing this are only doing so at their own peril.

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