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Why Buy from Degree 33 Surfboards

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Buying a surfboard can be overwhelming for surfers, regardless of their experience level. Beginners obviously have the most difficulty, but even experienced surfers can have a hard time judging how well a board will handle in the water. Most surfers prefer to purchase their boards in person so they can actually touch the board and get a feel for it before buying it. The idea of buying a board online may seem kind of risky, as it is impossible to even touch the board first. There is a fear of buying a board online that will not satisfy your needs. What if it does not meet your expectations?

Degree 33 Surfboards makes choosing a board easy because they offer a wide variety of hand shaped surfboards to fit every need. With a huge variety and the “Ride it and Love it” guarantee, it is easy to find just what you need without having to commit to a board that does not fit the bill. The guarantee says that if after 30 days you are not completely satisfied with your board, simply scrape off the wax and send it back in the same condition it was in when you received it. Then you will get credit toward any of the other boards available. This along with the excellent quality of the boards offered makes buying a board online risk free.

Some may prefer the personal aid they get in choosing a board from a traditional retail store, but Degree 33 Surfboards has that covered as well. Simply fill out the form online, and a copy of the free 34 page guide to how to choose the perfect board will be in your hands in no time. With surfboards for sale at every corner, this guide will ensure that you know exactly what to look for to find the perfect board. And of course, there is always the guarantee if there ends up being some aspect of the board that does not offer 100% satisfaction.

With virtually every kind of board available, this site is a one stop shop for surfboards in San Diego and all over the world. Choose from long boards, short boards, paddle boards, fish boards, and more. There are even custom boards available, and if you are looking for a discount, check out the selection of used boards available. Top notch, hand shaped quality and satisfaction guaranteed mean you cannot go wrong when you purchase from here.

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