Why People Have to Learn to Listen
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Why People Have to Learn to Listen

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One day, a mother cat called the kitten in front of her and said: “You have grown up, and after three days you cannot drink mother’s milk. You have to find something to eat by yourself.” The kitten was bewildered, so he asked her mother: “Mom, then what should I eat?” The mother cat said: “Even I have no idea of what you should eat for the moment. Then you can use the way left behind by our ancestors! These days at night, you have to hide on the roof, between beams and columns, beside the pottery of the house. Listen to people’s conversations carefully and then they will naturally teach you!”

One night, the kitten was hiding between the beams, hearing an adult saying to a child: “Andy, put the fish and milk in the refrigerator. The fish and milk are the kitten’s favorite foods.” The next night, the kitten was hiding beside a pot. He heard a woman said to a man: “My husband, please hang the sausage and bacon on the beam and locked the door of the house that the chickens live                               is properly closed, Do not let the cat eat them secretly.” On the third night, the kitten was hiding on the roof. He saw a woman nagging her children from the window: “As for foods like cheese, dried meat floss and dried fish leftover, you should put them away. How can you put anywhere? The kitten’s is very sensitive to the smell of these foods. At that time, you will have no food to eat.” 

In this way, the kitten was very happy every day. It came back to home and told his mother: “Mom, it really goes as you said. As long as I listen carefully, people will teach me what to eat every day.”

Reading this story, I remind of a joke. My mother once said to me: “I’ll teach you a skill later in life, and with it you won’t need to worry about anything ... ... so she taught me to eat. Of course, we have learned to eat, but there are still many things in life we need to learn. Be a good listener like the kitten, because the kitten is very happy every day.

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