Why Proper Teeth Alignment is Essential to Achieve an Optimal Smile
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Why Proper Teeth Alignment is Essential to Achieve an Optimal Smile

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One aspect of a healthy, sparkling smile is the proper alignment of your teeth. A smile is not just a facial feature; it communicates the state of your mind. A smile boosts everything from our day-to-day activities to the most intimate moments we share with our family. However, not all people smile the same. Yes, few dental problems cause them to alter, or hide the most prominent feature – their smile. One of the significant reasons why people hide their smile is they are embarrassed about the appearance of their teeth. Undergoing orthodontic treatment like Invisalign Melbourne can alleviate uncomfortable symptoms and prevent oral problems in the future. Consequences of Malocclusion Malocclusion is known as crooked or misaligned teeth. It is a common dental problem that can be easily corrected using Invisalign Melbourne. There are two common cases of Malocclusion: either the teeth are misaligned or too big for the mouth. Misaligned teeth are a problem nobody wants as it may lead to multiple oral hazardous along with a confidence crisis. Problems associated with a misaligned bite include Cracked teeth – When you have an improper bite, it causes distorted teeth movements when biting, chewing, and talking. This movement can lead to chipped, broken, and fractured teeth that require crowns for repair. If the misaligned bite is lead to a broken tooth below the gum line, the dentist may extract the tooth and replace it with dental implants. Tooth grinding – An improper bite can cause some patients to grind their teeth. Teeth grinding is something people usually do during their sleep and can lead to worn and damaged teeth. Teeth clenching – Along with teeth grinding, misaligned teeth can lead to teeth clenching during the night. It can cause headaches, damaged teeth, and facial pain. Jaw pain – When upper and lower teeth don’t meet properly, it can strain on the head, neck, and shoulder muscles as well as the jaw joints. This strain can cause headaches and jaw pain. Correcting misaligned teeth There are several orthodontic options to correct the misaligned teeth. However, among all other options, Invisalign is considered as the best as they are virtually invisible. Invisalign helps in tooth reshaping and is a crucial part of creating, enhancing, and maintaining a healthy smile. Misaligned teeth don’t correct itself without dental intervention. So, if you are experiencing misaligned bite issues, contact your orthodontist. If Invisalign price Melbourne is the only reason that holds you from getting it, there are several options to get it within your budget. Discuss your option with your orthodontist.
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