Why Should I Choose Dental Implants
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Why Should I Choose Dental Implants

Published by: Angelo Everton (74)
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If there is one cosmetic dental procedure that would give us that enviable perfect smile, that would be dental implants. Most dentists offer a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures but dental implants appealed to me the most. Dental implants is a procedure which is less invasive than most other cosmetic dental procedures. They provide optimum comfort to the wearer because they look like they are real teeth. Every dentist knows the best procedure that fits their clients’ need.

The many advantages offered by dental implants made me decide to choose them over other cosmetic dental procedures. The most obvious advantage of having dental implants is their natural look. Yes, they can pass off as your natural teeth. While most other dental cosmetics look natural to the beholders, dental implants also feel and work like natural teeth to the wearers. That means, the wearers themselves feel comfortable having them because they wouldn’t worry about them falling off their mouth as they laugh or talk.

This I found out when my dentist explained to me the many advantages of having the procedure. After a careful consideration, I decided dental implants would be best for me just like what most dentists would suggest. I needed six of my teeth, four of which were chipped molars, be replaced because I felt uncomfortable especially when I laugh or eat. My two front teeth were missing and I needed them replaced or I will suffer low self-esteem. My friends advised me to get some cosmetic dental procedures after I complained too much about having a difficulty chewing on crispy foods like fruits that would otherwise be enjoyed at most.

My dentist told me that I would never regret having dental implants. The joy of having them is like having a new set of real teeth because they feel and function like real ones. True enough, after less than four months since the procedure done on me, I feel more comfortable grinning from ear to ear or even let out a loud guffaw without having the fear of losing them off. Now, I feel as if they are my natural teeth. I don’t feel anything foreign planted to my gums in place of my real teeth because the bone has fused already to the implants.

My friends and family were even impressed by my new set of teeth. They noticed my new teeth only when I began to laugh out loud just to show them off. My confidence to talk to other people has leveled up since the dental implants and my self-esteem has improved as well.

Facing severe issues that you’re considering having dental implants? Don’t hesitate anymore. You don’t have to put through any kind of embarrassment hereafter.

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