Why Take Stroke Screenings Yearly
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Why Take Stroke Screenings Yearly

Published by: Roberta Mejia (33)
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Only a few recognizes the importance of stroke screenings which is one of the many reasons why there are more and more Americans who suffer from stroke. This medical condition actually owns the third spot as one of the leading causes of death in the United States.

The percentage of death in this condition is very high which is usually tied to family history. However, those who have no relatives who suffered from stroke are still susceptible to stroke. They still have a high chance of suffering from the said condition especially if they don’t watch what they eat and they have a very unhealthy lifestyle.

Since everyone is at risk in suffering from stroke, a preventive health screening was developed to encourage more people to take care of their health.  This is different from medical tests that hospitals offer. This type of screening can help you assess your risk for stroke which somehow acts like a warning to people that they need to change their lifestyle if the results have abnormalities.

Some would consider this as additional expenses but what’s spending extra if this can save your life, right? Besides, this screening is usually taken once a year. So it will not really pose as a burden for people. This can be much cheaper than facing the consequences of your irresponsible actions in the future. Your medical bill will surely burn your pocket once you suffer from stroke compared to taking this screening and making the necessary changes in your life.

Stroke screenings are here to help people extend their lives and save a hefty amount of money. People have all the means to take care of their health and the least they can do is take advantage of this medical advancement. If not for these screenings, there will be more people who’ll experience major or minor attacks.

This condition is actually very dangerous because stroke doesn’t show symptoms all the time. People may think they are safe and healthy but they have no idea that they can suffer from stroke anytime. But those who should be really concerned are people who have hit the age of 50 already and it can go younger as 40 years old if they have risk factors for stroke.

Other ideal candidates that should undergo this preventive test are those who are receiving treatment for medical conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and others. Patients who have suffered from stroke are also encouraged to take this screening at least once a year.

An annual screening can do a lot to your health and can help you to become more conscious. It is much better to take preventive measures as early as possible rather than suffer from complications and spend a huge amount of money just to treat your condition. Taking stroke screenings yearly is highly recommended especially to people with high risk factors. The higher their risk factors are the more they need to undergo this screening. This worth every penny they will spend because this will not only prevent the development of stroke but this can also help them prolong their lives.

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