Why You Should Go for a Concrete Floor Finishing
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Why You Should Go for a Concrete Floor Finishing

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A floor is a walking surface which covers the ground of a house or a building. It can be natural/dirt floor, concrete, tiled or wood floor. The floor can be covered by applications of finishing material so as give it a presentable look and feel. There are a number of floor covering methods; soft flooring, wood flooring, resilient flooring, hard flooring, concrete flooring among others. The less common but has lately been catching up is concrete floors. Is has turned into a material of choice for many designers, architectures and homeowners across the Western countries. It is used in a range of surfaces, from residential indoor floors and high rise condos to patios and sidewalks.

Concrete flooring offers a person the option of playing around with creativity and beauty at the same time, on how to customize his/her floor to create a variety of hues and texture. It can be stained, colored, painted and patterned to suit the owner’s desires. Tired of being grey and boring, it offers a variety unlike any other material, from overlays, acid-stained, radiant floors to unique personal patterns which bring new life to the traditional substrate. It also lays out the option of a number of limitless interior decorations and colors since it can be customized to blend so naturally with other components in the house.

Furthermore, concrete floors are easy to maintain and change by placing a carpet or wood on top of the slab, they have an established image for durability, strength and are cost friendly, they stand through all kinds of weather and are not affected by the level of moisture and during cold seasons they can be covered with carpets, rugs etc.

There are several methods that are mostly used in creating decorative concrete surfaces. Except for paint which has a shorter lifespan, the treatments below are permanent elements which include; chemical stains - which lightly engrave and bond color on to the concrete by reacting with the lime content in the concrete. Scoring - achieved by shallow cuts that are made on concrete surfaces to imply tile grout lines, designs and patterns. Integral colored concrete - where colorants are mixed with concrete during the mixing process so as to produce uniform tinting all over the slab. Concrete stamping – which involves imprinting the textures of any natural paving material into newly cast cement.  The few mentioned above and others are among the most cost effective and easy way of decorating is by using Concrete Floor Finishes.

Though highly regarded as the best floor covering due to the above mentioned benefits, the Concrete Floor Finishes are not totally preferred by everyone. There are some consumers with a liking for softer surfaces like vinyl or carpets mainly due to warmth, safety from dropped object shattering, in some cases, such as staining, color uniformity is not guaranteed and it might be impossible to produce representative samples. 

But still, the Concrete Floor Finishes is still the best flooring method. The benefits outdo the limitations. Furthermore, in the today’s economy nobody wants to change his/her floor just because the weather has changed or the house flooded. Homebuyers are putting their money where durability can be proven and Concrete Floor Finishes are proven to be the best.

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