Why Your Dentist may recommend Bone Grafting before Dental Implants?
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Why Your Dentist may recommend Bone Grafting before Dental Implants?

Published by: Paulo Pinho (14)
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Dental implants are the most permanent teeth replacement options as they fuse with the bone and also become a permanent part of the mouth structure. Dental implants required two things in particular to last longer, a healthy lifestyle and a strong jaw bone. A healthy lifestyle is up to you, but when it comes to strong jaw bone, your dentist can help to make sure that your mouth offers the right environment for successful dental implants. If you have lived for quite some time with missing teeth, or have had periodontal disease, your dentist may suggest bone grafting before fixing your dental implants. Read further to learn more about dental implants Melbourne how it works and what to expect with dental implant procedure! Paving the way for success! Dental implants as known are small posts made of titanium which can take the place of your missing tooth roots. Once the implant is surgically implanted below the gum line, the post promotes bone tissue growth to fuse gradually together with the jaw through the process known as osseointegration. After osseointegration, the implants provide a strong foundation for the bridges, crown or dentures to restore your smile. Although dental implants cost Melbourne is affordable, if there is no sufficient jaw bone structure or what is there is very weak, implants may not be able to fuse with the jaw. This can result in dental implant failure. Fortunately, not all hope is lost, if you have no enough bone structure to support your implants. Dentists have come up with bone grafting technique that can help pave the way for successful dental implants. What to expect with bone grafting? If you require having bone grafting before dental implants, your oral surgeon will discuss about the procedure in full to you so that you will know what to expect. Many a time, you will have the procedure done first and then undergo a brief healing period before getting implants. Although it adds time, it is worth it for long-lasting teeth replacements. Bone grafting is performed under anaesthesia which can be either general or local. During the procedure, the dentist will harvest healthy bone tissue from elsewhere in your mouth or from a different place in the body. He will then place this strong tissue collected, in the area where you need a dental implant. Growth factors might be used to speed up the healing process allowing you to receive dental implants sooner. There is no reason to stress. Bone grafting is a routine part of the dental implant procedure. It is a great way to receive high-quality cheap dental implants Melbourne that will last for a lifetime.
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