Wildlife Parks and Reserves in North India for Tourism
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Wildlife Parks and Reserves in North India for Tourism

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North India is most popular tourism regions in India. There are many interesting wildlife parks and reserves in this region that play a vital role in north India tourism. Wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers from all over the world embark on wildlife tours in northern India to explore some famous national parks and tiger reserves of the region. Important national parks and tiger reserves of region include:

Jim Corbett National Park
Established in the year 1936, Corbett National Park is the first India’s first national park. It was designated a Project Tiger Reserve in the year 1973. Situated in beautiful Indian state of Uttarakhand, it is home to diverse flora and fauna. It is one of the finest destinations for wildlife tourism and eco tourism in India. It is not only known for its wildlife attractions but also for its scenic beauty that is fantastic.

Great Himalayan National Park
Located in charming Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, the Great Himalayan National Park is a popular tourist hotspot for many tourists. You can see here attractions like snow-leopards, Himalayan brown bear and musk deer.

Dachigram Wildlife Sanctuary
Dachigram is a popular national reserve in the most beautiful Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. It is home to the Hangul, also called the Kashmiri Stag.

Sariska Tiger Reserve
Located in Alwar district of Indian state of Rajasthan, Sariska Tiger Reserve is a popular national park and hotspot for wildlife tourism in northern India. Wildlife residents include royal Bengal tiger, jungle cat, leopard, leopard cat, spotted deer, hare, hanuman langur, caracal, striped hyena, chinkara, golden jackal, wild boar, four-horned antelope and plenty of bird species and reptiles.

Ranthambore National Park
Located in Sawai Madhopur district of Indian state of Rajasthan, Ranthambore is one of the finest and largest national parks & tiger reserves in northern India. It boats of variety of mammal, bird, reptile, tree and plant species of North India. It is home to good population of royal Bengal tigers. It has been one of the best places in India to see the tigers in their natural habitats. Majestic tigers can be easily spotted here even during the day time due to good population and density. Other animals found in this reserve include wild dog, leopards, striped hyenas, nilgai, sambar, chital, wild boar, etc. Ranthambore Fort and India’s second largest Banyan Tree are also attractions to see here.

Desert National Park in Rajasthan, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Rajasthan, Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary in Bihar, Dudhwa National Park in Uttar Pradesh, etc are also popular among North India travel for wildlife tourism. These wildlife parks and reserves are also attractions for many North India Tour Packages especially designed for wildlife tourism.

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