Will Buy Wow Gold Let Your Account to Be Banned in The Future
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Will Buy Wow Gold Let Your Account to Be Banned in The Future

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There are a lot of rumors about how risky and dangerous it is if buying wow gold online, but still numerous people choose to buy. Do you think they never worried about being banned one day? Even if you don’t get banned at the moment, it’s hard to say that Blizzard won’t track you and caught you one day.

I often buy wow gold online at wowcatagold, but someone told me that my wow account could easily get banned or stolen but my account is still sound and safe with me after I became a VIP customer of them. 

Moreover, I found buying wow gold will not cost you that much money if you could figure out a way to save money on buying wow gold. So before you place your first order of wow gold, seriously choose which store to purchase wow gold from. There are likes hundreds of different stores on the internet, and to find a safe and cheap place to buy is great concern hold by future wow gold buyers. 

It’s true that with the development of the economy, profit becomes more and more highlighted by more businessmen. Therefore, many wow gold store start to offer very cheap wow gold, like stolen gold. This dirty gold is merely in any need of cost since they are obtained in such a special way. But the problem is these dirty gold is borne with risks, like wow account being banned.

Check whether or not they support the third party payment method paypal or money. This is the most guaranteed and most popular payment method among wow gold stores. If a store does not have, certainly cross it out from your candidate wow gold store list.

You can’t forget to see if this store has a functioning registration flow. Most formal wow gold store supports this function and welcome customer who buy wow gold from them become their members and enjor exclusive offers for members only. With those tips, i’m sure you can find a reliable site to buy wow gold as i did. 

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