Windows Are Covered With Shutters For Maximum Protection Against Extreme Weather
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Windows Are Covered With Shutters For Maximum Protection Against Extreme Weather

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A window is the architectural and structural feature of building built to allow light, air and sound to enter in the building. The windows can be sealed or covered for custom use. Usually windows are covered with transparent material like float glass and is held to the wall by frames. Windows maybe opened to provide the passage of air and maybe closed if not required. The history of windows starts with a hole in the wall for passage of air and light. Later windows started to be covered with fabrics or animal skins. With the passage of time, windows developed into structural element of the building that provided both protection and light from outside. The Romans invented the glass windows. Glass became common in the windows in Greece and Britain as well. The churches made during dark ages and Middle Ages were decorated with mosaics because high windows provide light to enter the church and made the mosaics glitter in light.

The modern windows have developed into a variety of types made with different materials. Some of the popular window types include double-hung sash window, single-hung sash window, horizontal sliding sash window, casement window, awning window, hopper window, tilt and slide window, tilt and turn window, transom window, jalousie window, clerestory window, skylight, roof window, roof lantern, bay window, oriel window, thermal window,fixed window, picture window, French window, stained glass window and emergency window. All these types provide the common purpose of protection but in specified diversities. They are constructed by splitting into two or more panes for maximum insulation. For a large window, small size panes are joined together and fixed in frames. Light colored muntins reflect light and make the window a reflective surface to diffuse light. The beam over the top is called lintel and at the bottom is called sill plate. Windows are covered with materials to manage sunlight, weatherproofing, privacy and decoration. The most used devices to cover windows include drapes, curtains, blinds, shades and shutters.

Although drapes and curtains are the most popular forms of covering in homes for their aesthetic diversity, other coverings are also used widely. Curtains and drapes add more color, flow and design element in the formal interior of any room and are an important component of interior design. Blinds and shades are added to more informal and workable places like offices and informal areas of the house. Shutters are solid window coverings consisting of frames within which louvers are fixed. The louvers can be of any materials like fabric or glass and can be movable or fixed. The shutters can be both external and internal coverings of the windows. Exterior shutters maybe made of wood, fiberglass, iron or aluminum. Highly quality plastic is also used in the exteriors sometimes. These solid panels are usually fixed for maximum protection against extreme winds, hurricanes and weather conditions. Interior shutters are usually more beautified with the use of fabric or glass. Sometimes they are also used for the covering of doors.

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