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Windows Glass Tips To Fix

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Be it summer or winter, be it daytime or night, weekday or weekend, the cause being a stone or a football, broken windows are always a pain in the house. A broken windowpane not only allows the weather into your home, it is also a security hazard. Like it is said, a broken glass is one of the easiest problems to fix. But you always have to keep in mind that replacing a pane of broken glass requires some skill, patience and a good deal of caution as well. However, if the window in your house is a big one, you wouldn’t want to fix the window yourself. Better call for a professional help.

Now, if it’s a small window that is broken, here are a few simple steps to fix the broken glass in your window:

- First and foremost, wear work gloves and safety glasses before laying hands on the broken windows.

- Now, remove the broken shards of glass from the windowsframe. Do not grabthe pieces by the edge as they may be too sharp and cut through the gloves. Always, hold the shards along the surface. Once all the shards are collected and before you disposed the broken pieces just retain a piece of the broken glass so that you can get the exact type of glass material to replace.

- Before you go to the shop to buy a glass to replace, remember to exactly measure the window frame size.

- Now, it is time to fix the new glass on to the new frame.

- If the window frame is wooden, the first thing to do is remove the putty from the frame using a wooden chisel. Just in case if you are wondering what putty is, it is a pliable substance which is used as a bonding agent or a sealant to ensure that the glass stands firmly on your Kansas City windows frame.

- If it is an old window, removing the putty might not be very easy even with a chisel. In such cases, a heat gun or a soldering tool would help to heat the putty and soften it up and hence easy removal. Here again, a word of caution – do no the heat the wooden frame as it might cause a permanent and irreversible damage to the frame.

- Using a pair of pliers, pull out the glazier’s points – the little metal triangles in the frame beneath the beads of putty that held the pane in place.

- Wipe the frame clean before applying a coat of linseed oil to the frame. Wondering why linseed oil? Well, the linseed oil basically lets the putty get evenly distributed along the frame

- It’s time to apply a thin layer of glazing compound around the frame with the glazing tool. The glazing compound should be the consistency of thick dough, which will provide good cushioning when you insert the new glass in your windows.

- Once the glazing compound is uniformly applied on the window frame, insert the glass into the wooden frame and press firmly.

- Hold the pane in place and insert glazier’s points into the corner using the glazing tool. Insert glazier’s points every 4 inches around the glass and drive them into the wood with the glazing tool.

- Knead glazing compound into strips the thickness of a pencil. Place it around the edges of the newly installed pane of glass, pressing it into place between pane and frame with your fingers.

- Coat the blade of the glazing tool with linseed oil and smooth the glazing compound. Hold the tool at a 45-degree angle in a corner and slide it toward the opposite corner with one stroke.

It is thus, much better to consider replacement window Kansas City techniques.

Follow the above mentioned steps and congratulations, you have added an extra skill to your CV. Windowsfixer!!!

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