Winning Ideas for a Crazy Surprise Birthday Plans
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Winning Ideas for a Crazy Surprise Birthday Plans

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The day you or your loved ones were born needs to be celebrated with all love and smiles, right? There is something about birthday’s that makes us feel super excited, happy, and overwhelmed at the same time. Consequently, if you wish for something special on your birthday, it also becomes essential for you to make your loved ones feel super happy on their birthdays. However, to ace a surprise birthday, you will have to rack your brain. After all the brainstorming, if all you think of placing a midnight cake delivery in Delhi or a regular birthday present, then, I would love to tell you that there is so much more than you can do besides these mundane surprise birthday ideas.

Well, before invading into every website providing unique ideas for birthday surprise on Google, here is a piece of advice for you. To fix a budget in your mind and stick to it. Why? Because there are a plethora of unique ideas on the internet that might entice you and might bother your budget. So, you should firmly believe in whatever you choose to make your special one’s birthday special. Also, making someone feel on the top of the world doesn’t require all your penny, just your personal touch with some smart and creative ideas are enough to come up with a mind-shattering birthday idea. Here are a few ideas that might help you think patently. So, let’s dive into some of these ideas now.

1. Balloons Tangled With Photographs:

Well, I chose to start with this one as; personally, I think surprising someone this way is low-key and genuine. Though it may sound very simple yet this is very effective. All you got to do is pick the best photographs of your loved ones with their best people and a lot of vibrant and colorful balloons as well. Don’t panic if you cannot access their phones for the photographs, you can always download pictures from their Instagram or Facebook account. I know, these social media platforms are the savior. Write them a cute note attached to each photograph. It would be more effective if you can get this arrangement placed in a room or a hall. I bet you, getting a surprise as this will definitely going to make your partner’s eyes shine and heart smile.

2. Numbered Shaped Envelopes:

This is one of those cute and romantic ideas which seems very simple yet requires a lot of efforts. Yes, that’s true but hold your horses as I can help you with this. Handwritten letters are of course outdated and cliche, but trust me, your loved one is going to smile a lot on reading them. Arrange the handwritten letters in such a way that denotes their current age of the birthday person obviously.

You can use different colored envelopes or you can always go for contrast or a theme. Mention all the funny, stupid, emotional, or personal memories you have with them. Make letters of different sizes and shapes to make them look more attractive and eye-catchy. I am pretty sure you haven’t thought of this idea ever, right?

3. Surprise them through the day with ghost gifting:

To be honest with you, this idea is not as easy as it sounds. Intense efforts and a well-planned idea can only pull it off. Imagine, they receiving your messages or gifts timely throughout the day? Cool, right? Yes, I would dance on my heels if anybody does that for me. Actually, this way, you can keep the birthday person anticipated and excited throughout the day. You can look for an online cake delivery in Delhi to send them a cake. Sending them flowers or their favorite book after an interval would increase their excitement. Either they will try to find out what would be the next surprise they will be getting, or they will be impatiently waiting for another surprise. But most importantly, for this, you are required to be very clear about the schedule and routine of the birthday person. Hire a person or request a known person for assisting you. This way, you can execute this heart touching plan without any risks. This will leave the birthday person in awe for sure.

4. How About a Car’s Makeover?

It is one of the cutest ways to impress the birthday person. The decoration of the car depends on your budget. Regardless of the budget, a decorated car always looks good. The decoration of the car can vary from painting the doors of the car to interiors, it all can be adjusted as per your budget and creativity. You can decorate the car with balloons, photographs, hidden gifts, or confetti. Blindfold him/her and surprise them with a cake in the decorated car.

5. Newspaper Ad:

Yes, you guessed it right. We all have seen a small column in the newspaper wishing people with good greetings on their birthdays. So, yeah, here is the plan. Book a slot in a newspaper that the birthday person reads every day. They will be taken by extreme shock on seeing their name on the newspaper with a cute birthday wish. The best part about this surprise is that it is extremely pocket-friendly, yet it will be the most surprising gift they could ever receive.

There are many more unique and amazing ideas to plan a surprise for the birthday of your loved ones. You can act like you don’t remember their birthday and then later surprise them at their door’s step with gifts and flowers. You can make their sketch (just in case, you don’t get along with the canvas, get one prepared for them through a professional artist). There are plenty of such ideas that are just perfect for making your beloved’s birthday a memorable one.

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