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Women shoes price

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The Red chief is one of the leading footwear companies that make high quality footwear at an affordable cost. The company knows what makes the feet happy and thus makes quality footwear for both men and women. Their women’s range is quite colorful and full of variety to give the fairer sex feel important and pampered. There are many Red chief women shoes that can be a part of a women’s wardrobe collection. The women’s 8404W flower garden is available in red color and will cost you around $54.99. The western chief Women’s mid height navy are also attractive high shoes that can be worn for causal dressing and is most suitable for young girls. The cost would be $24.95. the other varieties are the Air Max 2009 Retro Jordans that come in black and red, red and gold eagle warrior low tennis shoes are quite attractive to be worn anywhere. The Rain boots are very colorful and come with flower print on them. The shoes will cost you around $49.95.

The Redtape women shoes are accessible to present day women and can easily suit their lifestyle and habit. They have come up with styles that are to attract many of those who prefer elegant look and stay with the current fashion. They offer perfect women shoes to match their attire like the skirt or jeans. Their shoes are also perfect for a walk on the nearby street or just a stroll in the garden. There are shoes for practically every occasion. There are many shoe models from Redtape like the Euro 41 that are used for casuals and are styled with lace. The Redtape Jane shoes are a pair of black leather shoes that are classic high heeled shoes that come in lather upper and have cushioned insides to give you ultimate comfort. Some other products are the Cindy, a high heeled black leather shoe made of leather and the Carol which is quite similar to the Cindy.

Reebok is a well known brand all over the world and has hundreds of shoes to boost of. Their collection is wide and people all over the world are amazed with their style and make. The Reebok women shoes are also very well styled and built for comfort. Some of the variety available are the Easytone, Top soil LP, RBK Retroaztex LP, Velocity LP, On court Mahendi LP, Easytone Trend II, Easytone Reenew, Dynamic, Raceon etc. all these are priced between Rs. 1,500 and above.

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