Wooden Chairs Design Styles And Shapes
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Wooden Chairs Design Styles And Shapes

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There are some parts of furniture that are very important because they are used a lot in everyday life. Chair is one of that parts that has a lot of importance. It has remained important from centuries if we go into the history of chairs. The oldest civilizations also used chairs for seating purposes but at those times chairs were used by people who were superior to others and they were mostly the rulers of the time. Every person who was the head or the person with most authority used the chair and also if there was a gathering of people who are all had authority and ruled people then among them the person with the highest authority and power had the highest chair and it was thought to be very prestigious to have the highest chair.Chair has always been used for sitting purposes either by the kings and queens whose chairs were made of precious metals and precious gems or the chairs of the poor people made of wood most of the time. As the time passed this piece of furniture also advanced in its features and designs and became more comfortable. Chairs have been divided into different kinds depending upon their shape, size and the material that has been used in their preparation.

Wood furniture is the second oldest for m of furniture because stone is considered to be the oldest material used to make furniture. After man learned how to use wood for making furniture he has emptied many natural forests that were once filled with trees. Wood furniture has remained important from the beginning as it was very easy to make and it was also very easy to repair and maintain. It was also easy to transport so were the wooden chairs. Initially chairs were not like as they look now because they used to be more like stools with no rest arms or back support. That was not a comfortable version of chair so it was improved with using the arms and back support. Wood was very easy to give shape and so it was used to make wooden chairs.

They were also distinguished according to their designs as not all chairs are same and all of them have different uses. Wooden chairs are designed for sitting besides the dining table where most of the people take their meals and the chair that is used to sit comfortably and read books or newspaper is totally different. Both are made of wood and both have rest arms and back support but they have different angles that support your back in different ways. Wooden chairs are used for many purposes like they are used in many different types of environments. They are also very durable if they are made properly by some good carpenter. Wooden chairs are sold for a lot of money depending upon the wood and the quality of making of chair. Wooden chairs are always in fashion and people are always demanding them.

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