Wooden Shutters are a Wise Choice for Their Beauty and Eco-friendly Construction
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Wooden Shutters are a Wise Choice for Their Beauty and Eco-friendly Construction

Published by: Karen Hoffmann (11)
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Investing in a set of wooden shutters can really make your home’s exterior produce a lasting impression that is extremely durable, and they can be custom-designed to bring out the best qualities of your property’s curb appeal.  The use of only the highest-quality solid hardwoods in the construction of a set of shutters for you home solidifies your investment with a natural product that will stand out from the pack while also providing the added benefits of long-life and weatherproofing.

Wooden Shutters are Tops When it Comes to Natural Resiliency to the Elements   

With finely crafted exterior wooden shutters, all of the materials used are milled right from nature, and are preferred because of their natural ability to withstand the elements over long periods of time.  Using construction methods such as mortise-and-tenon joinery without lesser-quality fillers also aids in the sturdy craftsmanship and life expectancy of a set of wooden window shutters for your home.  Many of the most preferred styles of solid hardwoods such as teak, poplar, male, oak and cedar have a natural resiliency to water which makes them less likely to become affected by water damage and subsequently crack over time.  Additionally, particular types of wood such as Spanish cedar are even resistant to termites as well as fungus and mold.

Energy-Saving Wooden Shutters for Any Style of Home   

Wooden shutters are historically proven to be excellent regulators of hot and cold temperatures which can help to save you money on monthly energy bills.  You can choose to construct a set of operable (meaning they can be opened or closed) or inoperable shutters for your home, but to truly get all of the advantages that are available; a set of operable wooden window shutters is the optimal choice.  Louvered shutters are a great style of operable wooden shutter because they have slats built in to the panels.  When closed, Louvered shutters will protect from the harsh effects of direct sunlight while still allowing for cooling cross ventilation winds throughout your home.

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Estate Millwork uses Eco-friendly techniques such as regenerative forestation in the process of constructing top-quality wooden shutters. They use only the finest pieces of whole-cut solid hardwoods along with age-old craftsmanship for their exterior wooden shutters to result in a finished product that is unsurpassed in beauty and strength.

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