Word Art is an Endless Dance on Canvas
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Word Art is an Endless Dance on Canvas

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The best picture is a living picture that comes to life as you look into it. Word Art is art and your memories combined by capturing pictures and bringing them to life with words. Word art is something you cover your walls with to make your walls dance with life. Each framed presentation has a life of it’s own that can even carry into the next living frame. Pictures created from words are art in so many ways. They are our own personal memories. They are beautiful images that come to life; they are special sayings that can be words, songs or poems. They can even be dates. No matter how you create this spectacular combination; in the end, you have word art. Word art is a term that has so many different meanings to so many different people. The bottom line, is that this is a piece that you consider art and it’s created by the words that are important to that piece. Once on the wall, your memories should be alive forever. The frame should only be a place to hold the memory together, not something that controls the image. Art is any type of image you find beautiful. Images are paintings, pictures, colorings; even your kid’s crayoned pictures are art from images. If we find them beautiful, they are art! We find them extra beautiful when they have personal meaning. Even a simple drawing from your five year old child is beautiful because it has it’s own meaning. It is our art. This is the art we want to constantly reflect upon so we can remember that moment forever. When you consider taking this image a step further and recreating it with the words that made that image so special, you’ve got word art. Word art takes on a higher level of importance than just an image because it takes on a life of its’ own. It dances with memories as it stares back at you. At first you see the art itself but as you take another moment, it starts to sing to you and the words start jumping out of the image. Your word art has just come to life in front of your very eyes! It doesn’t have to be magic to be word art. Do you have sayings, poems, dates or songs that are important to remember? I know I do. Word Art isn’t just a picture with words, it’s a group of words used to create art. You can start with the words that are so special and put them together to create the art. Pick your phrases, lyrics to a song, poem or dates. You decide the order of them. Look at those words. You get to decide what order will bring them to life for the viewers. Now, pick your picture that will provide the cherry on the topping of your personal creation. Over and over again, those words that made that memory will continue to come alive when combined with a picture. Take those words and bring them to life by turning them into word art with life. The frame of a picture is what contains the memory. Each frame holds a moment that is special to you. Look on your walls and count how many framed pictures you have. As I write this, I am gazing upon a picture of my husband and I in a beautiful vineyard. We are with our horses and the sun is setting over the vines. It’s magical but it is still a picture that is stuck in one place, held together by its framing. Word art may be framed, but it is not contained. When words are used to create a picture, the life jumps out beyond those frames, it has no limit. And, there is no limit to how you look at it. The words will keep that framed picture alive because those words will always be in motion. Framed pictures with words are truly art that is kept alive by the words that provide the meaning behind it. Questions like - How to make pictures out of words? How to create a picture with words? How to turn a picture into words? How to turn a picture into text? How to make pictures out of text? People are curious to know about a website that turns words into pictures. There is a website that puts words into a picture and anyone can create a picture out of words. Photo-to-text gives a feature where we can create photo with text using words to make a picture. Turn Picture into Text with their pictures made with text service. Theirs create a picture with words service turn photo to text by recreating your personal images made from text. Make your own word picture with their service that turn a picture into text. You are your words picture maker. Create your own picture with words or give a special gift to your loved ones as a custom photo with text. It’s time to release your inner creativity and bring your memories alive with word art. What is your art? How many pieces of art do you have? What makes an image important to you? It doesn’t matter how it was created. It does matter that it’s important enough for you to want to hang on your wall and remember for all time. It’s something you want to show everyone. This art should not be contained to a frame by itself. It should be paired up with the words that made that moment so special. Word art brings the image to life by combining your pictures with those special words and making them dance in front of each set of eyes that gaze upon it. Once you take some of these images and recreate them with the words, you’ll have art that cannot be contained or brought to a stand still. The frames will define a place for where they are to be kept but they will not contain the power behind each image. Word art is alive because it dances every time you and any other admirer stops to look into it. Are your memories just images or are they word art?
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