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X Men Destiny Wii Platform Review

Published by: Sandra Prior (55)
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X-Men Destiny on PS3 and Xbox 360 is a mediocre game at best. The wii version has been tempered down to produce one of the ugliest games the wii has ever seen. The game is so bad you’ll be feeling nostalgic throughout the whole lackluster episode.

Produced by marvel, the comic book masters, you’ll wonder why they turned the game onto such an awful product. You play the character of a new mutant who is still experiencing your new awesome power. You choose to align yourself with the X-Men, but you can also switch sides and decide to honor Magneto’s call for war against the humans.

You are filled with ambition. The storyline has great potential and could have been one of the most exciting action games seen this year. Unfortunately, the game graphics are a mess. The quality of the artwork and scenes are reminiscent of a 1999 era game console. It seems the protocol has been released as the final product.

The fact that such an incomplete game has been released as the final product is a mystery. No X-Men marvel should have been allowed to pass with graphics this poor. Every hero and villain in the game is depicted with the same poor quality graphics and poor rendition of pixels. It seems no artists were available during the development of the game.

Throughout the game you come across X-Men fighting evil and you have to decide if you’re going to assist them, or aid the bad guys instead. These decisions don’t have any bearing on the game whatsoever. As you progress the game doesn’t take into account the decisions you made earlier. This leaves you with no control over the final outcome of your destiny at the end of the game.

There are basically only three modes you can choose from. Regardless of that too, it does little to affect your outcome. All of them just provide more of the same. There is no real story or strategy behind the game. It is all mindless killing and nothing else. Beat them up is the order of the day. You’re not working towards any clear goal. Sounds like America in Iraq and Afghanistan doesn’t it?

The Xbox and PS3 suffered from the same faults and nothing was done about it. Now the wii has been subjected to the same fate. There is a lot of dialogue going on in the game, but everyone speaks with their mouths closed. No movement of the lips ever takes place.

If you want to add an awful game to your wii collection this is a good choice.

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