Xmas - Time to Get Together to Arrange Awesome Party
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Xmas - Time to Get Together to Arrange Awesome Party

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The christmas sayings are the words of god and there believers. There are many beautiful Christmas sayings which have deep meanings and are heart touching for example on of the beautiful saying is:-

Now when the lord Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the time of days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, saying, where is he that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.These are sayings which are believed and are admired by the Christianity people.

Christmas is one of the most popular and joy full holidays of the year. It’s only time for family and friends to get together for wonderful food stuffs, beautiful gifts and entertainment. Most above of the all though, it’s about spending time with each other, and what better way to do that this year than with an amazing christmas 2010 themed party. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend up your holiday, especially if your family Christmas traditions are feeling a little dull and outdated.

It took up a while, though, for the Church to develop the spirit of celebration of Christmas. While it may have been the pledge to celebrate in Egypt as early as the third century, it did not spread throughout the Christian world until the middle of the fourth century. It was the very first celebrated along with the Epiphany, on the January 6; but slowly Christmas was separated out into its own feast, on December 25.

There are many of the early Church fathers regarded this as the actual date of Christ’s birth, though it does coincide with the Roman festival of Natalis Invicti that is the winter solstice, which the Romans celebrated on December 25, and the Catholic Encyclopedia does not reject the possibility that the date was chosen as "a deliberate and legitimate ’baptism’ of a pagan feast."

The Christmas colors are red and green. Today, traditional Christmas activities include many more features like caroling, making and giving gifts, sending cards to family and friends, and enjoying festive dinners and parties. Here are some symbols of Christmas and their significance.

1.    Advent wreath
2.    Angel
3.    Bells
4.    Camels
5.    Candles
6.    Christmas cards
7.    Christmas cookies
8.    Plum pudding
And there are lots according to the Christianity rules.

The sign of the star is among the most popular christmas symbols, with Christians all over the world who celebrate Christmas. Therefore, in some cultures the star is seen a symbol of Satan’s instrument. It is what according to them, the star attempted to draw both the sign of danger and the astrologers, to the place where Jesus was born.

The modern astrologers have varied explanation for the star. Some of them are that it is a small comet, a planet, a nova and a conjunction among other explanations. There is another argument about this is that the Christmas star was fiction, which was created by the author of the Gospel of Mathew.

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