York PA Residents Consider an Animation Degree
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York PA Residents Consider an Animation Degree

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If you have a flair for drawing, enjoy computers and a passion for animation, you may have considered pursuing a degree in animation. Central Pennsylvania students who are interested in this field may be under the impression that to pursue an animation degree, they’d need to relocate to another city. This isn’t true. Interested future animators can pursue their passion right in their own back yard. Looking into a York art school may be the right answer for you.

Mastering the Media Arts

In school, students will study design and the “do’s“ and “don’ts“ of illustration, compositing, and 3-D computer modeling. This means studying and practicing animation not only the traditional way, by drawing by hand, but by using modern computer technology to create visually fascinating virtual worlds, like those seen in blockbuster movies and popular video games.

Students at a York animation school will also learn the proper development of stories, as well as the essential details of background design, the layout of scenes, and the use of special effects.

Why Make the Leap into Animation

Studying animation at a York art school will help you master the basics and take your visions to the next level. In a classroom environment, you are able to try new things. Some of these ideas may work, others may flop. But instructors and peers are there to help you learn and build upon those ideas in ways you couldn’t learn on your own or even on the job. You will master the basics, but you will also be given the freedom to try new things and discover your own unique vision in the field.

Central Pennsylvania students don’t have to relocate in order to learn the finer points of the field of animation. They can study nearby in historic York, PA, at an art school that knows the importance of creativity and expression. If you’ve ever thought about pursuing your interest in this field, choose to make the leap. You might find it’s the exact course of study you’ve been looking for.

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You can easily master the basics of animation by joining York art school. Techniques of modern art can be learned at York animation school.


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