You Are the Only One in the World
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You Are the Only One in the World

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There was a young couple who was admired by others. They had not quarreled or fight for each other since ten years ago. They depended on each other in life. But one day, the wife went to market to buy food. Unfortunately, the serious accident happened, the wife dead under the car. The man cannot accept to the truth which was that his wife has dead. Every day, he fell into the sadness. The photos of his wife were hanged on the wall just like she was around him. In the course of the time, he felt the woman really accompanied with him to eat, walk, and so on. His friend knew him very sad, so he wanted to introduce his sister to him. The friend mentioned a lot of time, but he refused politely. So his friends said:” ok. My sister and I want to your house to have a supper.” The man promised. Not long ago, the friend with his sister was invited in the house. They saw the photos were on the whole wall when they just entered house and stupefied.

The man smiled to the portrait of the deceased and said:” darling, the guests are here, you talks to them for a while. I need to cook.” When the food had on the table, the man poured the wine to his wife first:” This wine is yours.” The friend was so mad that push his sister out the door:” this man has lost his mind because of his wife. Let’s go.” But sister broken loose, and said to her brother:” he is so spoony.” The man yelled to them when he saw they want to go:” why you are not stay a long. My wife is alone every day, you should accompany with her for a long.” The friend ignored him and dragged his sister out of the house. In this world, here is one who is we felt that no one could instead. Especially the members of family, I can’t imagine that when they leave me, the world would change what like. Maybe the man’s action shows over, but we know he loved deeply with his love, the only one in the world. In the night, if we are alone, we must miss the people who we are falling love with. This relationship cannot be cut down. There was a man also hides in your heart, and never leave out.

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