You can Shed Tears When You are Sad
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You can Shed Tears When You are Sad

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When you are sad, you will shed tears, which is not without merit. You can use the tears to clear the eyes and make the eyes brighter. I used to recognize the angels, for example: In my sad, they especially come to care me a few times. I used to recognize the devil, for example: In my sad, they especially hurt me several times. Later, my eyesight become badly, because when I am sad, I am not willing to cry. I keep a smile, try to flaunt and hold back tears.

You know, this thing is like that: When you are sad, but you refuse to tears, your eyes will be dim. Once your eyes are dim, you will no longer tell who the angel is and who the devil is. So I become more and more unfortunate: I thought there is an angel to care for me, and I bow to wait, but what I wait for is fraud and violation. While, I thought it was a devil to trample me, so I refuse powerfully, but push away love and mercy.

So, you know. Perhaps when you are sad, you had better shed tears. At the same time, tear is also good for your health. University of Minnesota biochemist Fred believes that the complex chemical composition of tears is related to the emotions when you cry. For example, in the brain of the patients with chronic depression, the concentrations of manages is high; Anxiety, stress will produce excessive amounts of adrenal cortical hormones; the female body with a high concentration of PRL may explain why they cry more than men, especially after puberty.

Fred speculated that, because there are a large number of hormones, when we experienced a strong emotional impact, the body will use excess chemicals tears to take it away. Perhaps this is the reasons why we would say “enjoy the cry” when we comfort others.

So, every time experiencing an emergency situation, we all need to calm down. Otherwise, our cardiovascular will have an accident because of not withstand the pressure. Fortunately, we can cry, because crying is the best way to calm.

Therefore, when you are sad, let yourself cry. Don’t fight back. It will be harmful to your body.

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