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You Have Targeted Audience On Your Website

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Lately I’ve been redoing the layout of my blog, which has kept me a bit away from posts. And in doing so, I thought about what my target audience will be, if the local or the Internet. And I wanted to say a few words about choosing your niche.

Choosing your niche, ie a target audience in the market can determine the success or failure of your business. When you have a very specific niche, it is necessary to adapt the services and therefore ignore the global market. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of serving a specific market:


Your audience can be anyone

You may want to just reach your city, just bloggers, just people who need web design, and so on. The idea is to focus on the needs of a specific audience which are not very well understood and met. With that in mind, they created courses for digital inclusion for Seniors. And it worked.

The price differential is

Being a pioneer and exclusive service, customers of a particular market do not mind paying extra to make life easier. Sometimes it is not necessary to set a higher price than the competition because what changes is simply how the service is presented. 

If you have ideas ...

Innovation is the key. For example, if you want to offer something simple and easy for anyone who knows nothing about dedicated servers hosting or vps hosting solutions, create a basic plan, cheaper and with direct access to the website builder (since it is quite intuitive to use). If your target is gamers, have a game online on your server to demonstrate performance. Okay to reach old age? Large print and no technical terms.


Not to be left out ...

You have two options: include a “corner“ for your niche in some section of your site. The second option can cause loss of visitation and some other clients. If you advertise with blog hosting wordpress automatic installer, it is very unlikely to win visits from people looking for common hosting.

Quality always

As the needs are so specific, usually has a more demanding public (almost always more expensive because they are paying). So impeccable support, and updated site uptime are essential.
My opinion - I’ve been trying to focus on hosting that is simple and uncomplicated, with minimal work for the client. I’m trying to redo my website this direction. Well as I have changed my structure. I’m automating everything, such as how active is a request in whmcs, user creates the account on the website builder with the same login and password (which are synchronized even when edited); creating video tutorials, points program that automatically change in whmcs client group for discount. But as I said: “simplicity is too complicated“, but I think it’s worth it.

I think most here focus on large hosting. Does anyone have a specific audience? Even if it’s only enterprise?

Pravinganore - About the Author:

Pravin Ganore is an IT expert at ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. He specially writes about hosting services that includes Turnkey Solution, Data Center Services, Dedicated Servers, Core Banking, Cloud Hosting, and etc.


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