You should Do Her Noble If You Love Her
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You should Do Her Noble If You Love Her

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There is such a story: A chief has three daughters, the eldest daughter and his second daughter are both beautiful and wise. They soon marry others by the dowry of 12 head of cattle. However, the third daughter is inferior to her two sisters, and she is not capable and so nice. The chief knows the truth, and then claims that who marry her youngest daughter, six head of cattle is enough.

Later, a person adhered to the 12 head of cattle as dowry to marry her daughter. A year later, when the chief saw the little girl, he was surprised to find that daughter got smart and beautiful, and her words and deeds filled with confidence, as well as the forehead sending out glorious happiness.

Then the chief asked the son-in-law: “How can you make the ugly duckling so elegant?” The son-in-law mysteriously smiled: “I just told her she did the value of 12 head of cattle’s dowry.”

In fact, the vast majority of women are the same as the chief’s little daughter, they are ordinary and mundane, and whom they marry are mostly ordinary men, but some women become phoenix after marriage, while some women become trivial chatter day by day and slowly lose their smart and pleasant side, until the convention to become the yellow face old women.

When the people exclaim the ruthless years, whether they review the responsibility of her husband? One woman could have up to 80 minutes, after marriage, they regressed to only be 70 minutes even 60 minutes. You can say it is not the responsibility of their husbands. Even worse, after marriage, many women are looked down upon by their husbands.

They do not know that love a person, not only to give them strength, but also let the other side see your unique beauty.

Love her; you should do her noble and spiritual pastor in her life, and respect her, love her, as well as praise her, and let she always felt her beauty and importance. This psychological support and these psychological implications of “was needed”, gradually dig out the beloved woman that she can never find a brilliant, charm and potential energy.

Love is that you should think of her as baby. The most afraid of marriage is ignoring and despising each other. Love is not only enjoying yourself and request, but should be sure, and you should always consider the other side as baby.

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