Your Dog s Nutritional Needs
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Your Dog s Nutritional Needs

Published by: James Dacanay (47)
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The right dog nutrition is extremely different from the right nutrition for humans. Therefore, whilst it may seem okay to subsidise or often even replace your dog’s ordinary diet with foods we eat such as meat (their seeming natural diet), you may well be doing far more harm to your pet than you realise. In fact, over 90% of the foods in a human diet are completely wrong for animals to eat on a regular basis.

However, what is more surprising is just how ineffectual many dog food products are at delivering the right nutrition too. Many of the prepared foods we feed our pets are actually bulked up with starch and additives, things that have no nutritional benefits for our pups, and that can instead exacerbate problems over time.

A dog’s nutritional needs are very specific. For example, they need a great deal of taurine in their diet, and always need to ensure that they have more calcium in what they eat than phosphorous. Even slight alterations in the balance of nutrients in the food that we offer to dogs can ultimately lead to major health problems.

Therefore, it is always wise to ensure that you buy quality products that have been scientifically proven to offer the right nutrition to your dog.

A dog will need a great deal of protein in their diet. This means that they are predominantly attracted to meats, however they can also survive on a vegetarian diet so long as their quota of protein is met.

The amount of fatty acids, protein and even taurine that your dog will need will vary based on their age and even their size. As such, when choosing the right food and even how much to feed them at any time, be sure to check to ensure that you have the most appropriate food for your dog and that you are offering them the right amount of nutrients and not too much or too little.

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