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Article submission guidelines insures your article approval and inclusion in our article directory. these guidelines are essential to maintain the degree of professionalism we promise our authors, readers and publishers. all of your approved articles will be included in articleswrap article directory, at, for distribution to other publishers.

while articleswrap understands, supports, and encourages article marketing, we have established for authors to adhere in an effort to offer articles to publishers and readers, which are well written and informative.   

please study all of the following article submission guidelines carefully and completely. understanding and adhering to the article submission guidelines will insure the acceptance and listing of your article in the articleswrap article directory.

Article Submission guidelines at

  1. Authors submitting articles to articleswrap for approval to be added to the articleswrap directory will not be compensated in any way, for the writing or submitting of any article.
  2. All authors will reserve and retain all copyright to their articles.
  3. Authors are allowed to submit an article to one category.
  4. All articles are submitted by you should be written /authored by you.
  5.  Articleswrap is looking for quality articles that are informational and well though out.
  6. Articles with grammatical or spelling errors will be rejected.
  7. Article submission doesn’t mean your article will be automatically accepted and listed in the articleswrab article directory. articleswrap has the sole authority to except or reject any article. as long as your article meets the requirements in these guidelines, your article will be accepted. however, if your article is not up to the general standards of our guidelines, articlerwrap will indicate the reason for rejection in your rejection email notice.
  8.  If your article is rejected, you can resubmit your article two times only, with errors corrected for approval. if errors are not corrected in the 3rd submission, it will not be reconsidered for approval again.

Article Criteria:-

  • Article Title: maximum up to 150 characters. make sure that fist letter of each major word is capital letter.
  • Article Summary:- article summary with 200 characters will be accepted at 
  • Keywords: adding keywords to your article help us to bring more traffic to your article. make sure that your keywords are separated with comma and are related to your article.
  • Article Body: minimum 250 words and maximum 5000 words will be accepted at do not use capital letters in article body. your article body must deliver what is promised in the article title.