10 Ways to Manage Atrial Fibrillation
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10 Ways to Manage Atrial Fibrillation

Published by: Roberta Mejia (33)
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Arrhythmias come in different types and one of the most common and dangerous type is atrial fibrillation. Without proper management, this can lead to complications and can aggravate the current heart rhythm disorder.

There are actually different ways on how to manage heartbeats that are irregular. Following these tips guarantees to make your heart much healthier and lessen the episodes of arrhythmia.

One effective way to improve your heart rhythm is by watching your weight. According to studies, obesity can increase the risk of developing heart ailments such as this certain kind of heart rhythm disorder. In what manner? Well, it puts a lot of stress on one’s heart and eventually develops into AF.

Most people will find the next tip to be quite challenging but if they want to take care of their heart and live a much longer life then they’ll definitely follow this. According to medical professionals, taking too much stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine, chocolate, soda, tea and illegal drugs can increase their chance of developing an AF.

The third step that people should do is exercise religiously. Everyone thinks that its purpose is to help people lose weight and beef up. Exercising can also help in preventing heart problems since having regular physical activity can decrease the risk of having clot formation which is said to be one of the most common complications of AF. Remember that working out is not just to have a toned body but it also meant to keep your heart healthy.

Another way to manage atrial fibrillation is by watching what you eat. You should have a healthy eating habit and avoid foods that are high in sodium. Through this you can prevent the development of AF or if you have the said condition already you can manage it with ease and without aggravating your condition. You need to remember that too much salt can make your condition worse so make a diet plan that only involves foods with low salt content.

Drinking moderately and quitting smoking can also help in managing your heart condition. The former is not really bad for your health if you do it in moderation. But drinking excessively can damage your heart since it greatly increases stress hormones and dehydrates your body which make you more vulnerable to AF. As for the latter, smoking can increase your heart rate because of nicotine and habitual smoking is sure to give you heart problems sooner or later.

Last but not the least is by controlling your stress level. Working under pressure and doing strenuous activities every day are not healthy habits. You should kick back, relax and take some time off from work from time to time. This is an effective way to relieve stress because if you keep on pushing yourself to work hard and you don’t take care of yourself then you’ll probably end up having atrial fibrillation anytime soon. Stress is another cause of heart problems so as early as now you should manage your stress if you want to avoid sever heart ailments in the future.

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