11 Top Content Ideas to Boost your Local SEO
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11 Top Content Ideas to Boost your Local SEO

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Publishing the right type of high-quality content can help your website stand out and be found in local search. Local SEO is important to improve your visibility in a particular location, and for that, you need to publish great content and use location-based keywords/local keywords. For instance, if you have a pizza store in Naperville, Chicago, it may be difficult to compete with big chains for keywords such as “best pizzas in Chicago”. Using location-based keyword like “best pizza in Naperville” can improve your traffic and search ranking in your area. Experts providing digital marketing services in Long Island can help improve your traffic and rankings with great content and the right local SEO strategies. Here are some content ideas to improve your business’s visibility in a given area: * Articles about your niche and local area: Write an article or blog that covers the topics related to your business and your local area. Your city, region or state is different from other places, making what you are for even more important or more challenging. For instance, if you are a veterinarian and you live in Houston that is especially prone to ticks, you might want to write an article on how to prevent your dog from getting ticks, to target your local audience. * Frequently asked questions: Some pages on the internet not only answer visitor’s questions directly but also might appear in Google’s snippet results, which are also useful for voice search. To attract readers, turn FAQs into blogs, videos or other content. Think of the questions that you can answer that people might be asking, and then just put that in your FAQs and answer it clearly and completely -- preferably in a one short paragraph. * Write customer case studies and customer success stories: Another way to keep things local is to talk about your product’s success in your location, in the form of case studies or the transformation you made or show the problem you solved for someone in your area. You can also use photos of your local customers with their permission. Including local information will help search engines associate your website with a specific local area, which will help your site rank in that area. * Cover local events: Regardless of where your business is located, there are surely some local events going on near you, like a festival, free yoga class, etc. Make the most of it by announcing it on your webpage. * Ensure mobile friendly content: According to searchengineland, nearly one third of the mobile searches are conducted based on locations. People need to be able to find your website and content easily on their mobile device. So, make sure your website and content are mobile friendly. Pages should load fast and key information such as phone number, pricing, and directions to your location should be easily available. By optimizing your site for mobile, you can attract more traffic to your website and get more customers through your doors. * Explain what’s unique about your area and services: You are doing business in a particular area and you know more about the area than the average resident, and certainly more than visitors, or those who have just relocated. Make use of this knowledge -- explain what’s special about your area and tie it into your services. * Numbered listicles featuring your Local area: Nothing is more shareworthy than a listicle. Format your content in a numbered list. People seem to like read and share articles and blogs that feature numbered list more. Once listicles are shared, they are likely to be actually clicked on and read. Examples of catchy titles include “Top 10 places you must visit” and “5 tips to stay healthy”. * Guest posts on local blogs: This strategy involves creating content not for your blog, but for another blog that covers your local area. Make sure you keep it helpful rather than promotional. Provide tips, checklists, etc. that are related to your local area. When you guest blog with valuable content, you are likely to be rewarded with a link back to your site. This will benefit your SEO, as this link comes from a local blog. * Use statistics: Help people make informed decisions by providing clear, objective, numerical data. This help your site to attract more users. Make sure you back up statistics with reliable sources. * Step by step guide: Manage expectations and reassure potential prospects with a step by step guide about the services you are providing. For instance, if a plastic surgery website provides step by step guides on topics such as ‘before treatment’, ‘during treatment’ and ‘after treatment’, this would encourage people to make a call or enquire for more information. * Why Us page: Build a Why Us page and explain to visitors why they should choose your products/services or generally, your business. You should come up with any valid or unique reasons that sets you apart from your competitors, so that visitors will choose you.
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Creating custom local content based on these ideas can boost your local SEO. Your local content must be relevant and useful. Digital marketing companies providing content writing services in Long Island would be a great option to help you with this and get more customers through your doors.
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