12 Things You Can not Leave Home Without on Your Next Camping Adventure
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12 Things You Can not Leave Home Without on Your Next Camping Adventure

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During the night. Propane powered lanterns produce much more empowering light than a flashlight, that makes them great for tabletops or any other moderately flat area.

6.      Propane- Take spare propane for propane powered lanterns and cooking items like camping stoves and table top grills.

7.      Tarps- Tarps are smart for putting up your tents on, tying to trees to make a rain guard, lying on the ground to create a play spot for younger kids and just about anything else.

8.      Rope- Thin nylon rope is always practical whether you are creating a clothes line to dry swim suits and towels or attaching a tarp up to a tree. Rope will generally be helpful.

9.      Matches/lighters- Don’t leave home without a lot of lighters or matches or both. Camping is no fun when you are not able to start a fire.

10.  Shoes- Ensure that you have the right shoes...miserable feet make for an unhappy trip. You will almost certainly want to include items like sandals, good walking shoes, and hiking boots. In addition pack the right sort of socks for each pair of shoes.

11.  Clothes- You are probably not to forget to bring clothes but make certain that you bring the appropriate type of clothing. Check the weather before you leave so that you can be ready with the right kind of clothes. Rain coats are always a good thought just in case. A lot of mountainous campgrounds can be damp or rainy in the morning so it is a good plan to always have some kind of rain gear packed. And, always pack extras of everything because you don’t know what can happen during the day that may need an outfit change.

12.  Food- A reminder you are not going to leave behind food, but remember to take items to eat that doesn’t have to be cooked just in case you use all your propane or can’t start a fire.

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