3D Sakura Cherry Tree Postcard
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3D Sakura Cherry Tree Postcard

Published by: Avery Cuenco (2)
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Have the perfect invitation card for any occasion, with a twist! Brighten up invitations with the Sakura Cherry Tree Postcard comes in 3D pop-up type, giving a blast to invitations to any events. Bored with the regular invitation cards? Why not go for a more creative and more eye-catching invitation card? With the Sakura Cherry Tree Postcard, you can have a sakura cherry tree pop right up for a sweet surprise to your guests. You won’t have to worry about invitation cards going to waste as soon as they are used, for the Sakura Cherry Tree Postcard is not just like any other regular invitation card. It can be kept for remembrance or displayed, and if ever it is not needed anymore, you wouldn’t have to worry about its disposal, because the Sakura Cherry Tree Postcard is made of eco-friendly paper. The details of the product are as follows. This invitation card/postcard features a red-pink, detailed sakura tree that is folded when the envelope is closed and pops right up when it is opened, and it also comes with an envelope. Its theme is fitting for festivals of any type, but it also fitting for other festivals or occasions of any type. The technology used to print this elegant postcard/invitation card is handmade laser cut cutting paper, to ensure smooth, precise, and detailed paper cutting to form the shapes for the Sakura Cherry Tree. The sakura cherry tree pop-up features bright red-pink petals. The paper used for the Sakura Cherry Tree Postcard is eco-friendly paper, so it’s safe and worry-free. Disclaimer: The seller of the Sakura Cherry Tree Postcard does not offer printing services on their invitations. Anything printed in their samples only serves as a sample preview when you print on them. Selling per piece with a minimum of 10 pieces.
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