6 Strategies to acquire new customers for your e-commerce business
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6 Strategies to acquire new customers for your e-commerce business

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Customers are the lifeblood of every business, which makes it important for you to have a strong customer acquisition strategy for your e-commerce business. This article covers 15 effective strategies you can use to continuously acquire new customers. 1 Make your social media presence If you are missing out on the social media marketing opportunity let me tell you that you are missing out on a huge potential market that your competing companies are already taking advantage of and using it to increase their brand outreach and resultant conversions.The average user having internet access had three social media accounts back in 2012 which has now increased to 7 social media accounts97% percent of the people having internet access login into atleast one social media network everyday for more than 10 minutesCreating a social media presence is oftenly misunderstood by being an expensive method to acquire customers. This is completely true you have acquire new customers through many organic methods like create a campaign with shareable content, informative posts and videos regarding your product, handing out trial samples and taking feedback and posting it on your social media to generate positive response, Innovative ways to present your product and increase engagement by sharing valuable content regarding the field of the product. You can also use vice-versa promotion wherein you can promote or collaborate with any other existing product and handout lucrative and limited deals to the customers. 2. Affliate Marketing:- There are mainly two methods of affiliate marketing. The first and the traditional affiliate marketing is giving an influencer or expert in your product field a unique referral link and ask him to post positive reviews and about your product and incentives the sales for them. Second would be integrating with business partners and their products. Many products out there in market are performing well and you can also capitalize on their popularity by associating your product with the product which has been tested and accepted by the consumers 3.Guest posting and blogging Guest posting and blogging has a very bad reputation in the market because every other company is doing it. This main issue with guest posting is companies are focussing more on publishing many blogs rather than the quality of the blog. The main objective of guest posting and blogging is providing the traffic existing on other site with valuable information and then embedding links which brings them to our site. through this method many of companies have succeeded in generating more and more organic traffic with minimum cost. 4. Time limited deals and offers The strategy of bringing out time limited offers for the customers has already proved beneficial for many of the businesses all around the globe. This consists of first knowing your target customers and analyzing their buying behaviour. After analyzing you need to come out with deals and time limited offers which are very hard to decline. This gives an impetus to impulsive buying and hence proves fruitful in driving more customers buying your products because they have lesser time to take decision and compare it with other similar products 5. Customer support and feedbacks It has been rightly said by many experts that the key to drive an ecommerce business is to keep your customers happy. Many of the companies don’t leverage this opportunity. Reminding the existing customers about how much they mean to the business through emails or text messages is a good way of increasing re-returns for new sales. Create a customer support and give them offers after they purchase something to promote and give feedbacks on their social media. Many of the existing customers would do that if you incentives the offers if they give good feedbacks and promote the products from their side. 6. Targeted Sponsorship This is one of the oldest and highly effective techniques of spreading the word about your brand/product and acquiring new customers. The one mistakes that an ecommerce business does is not knowing it’s target customer. For e.g if there is a body building event held in some part of the nation their is no point in promoting your product with high calories because people would end up criticising it. Study the market and decide upon your target customers and then lookout for events and conventions where your product can easily convert potential customers. Provide them with a good experience and rather than focussing on sales focus on building a repo with the customers. You can also include games and tasks which customers can play and handout free samples as a gift to them. They will take this product and post it on social media or share it with friends and that is how you are going to generate good brand awareness.
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