A fun day of family-friendly activities in Sydney: Beach, zoos and a harbour dinner cruise!
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A fun day of family-friendly activities in Sydney: Beach, zoos and a harbour dinner cruise!

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Beaches and zoos, then a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise? As much as I love to rhyme, I also do really love to plan. So here’s an itinerary for an entire day of activities with your kids (sure to exhaust them right in time for bed) that ends up with a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise. Intrigued? Then keep reading. We also have another interesting dinner cruise option in Sydney for the parents who would like a child-free date night at the end! I’m sure all the readers with children below the age of 10 can relate- it isn’t easy planning a day of unique fun family excursions without robbing the bank or mortgaging half your house! Family-friendly activities, especially around the school holidays, skyrocket their prices to unaffordable and frankly unnecessary standards. Ain’t nobody got time (or the budget) for that! The day of, once everyone’s up and ready to go, start the day by packing a picnic for the beach. You may be wondering why I suggest going to a beach, when it’s literally the most Australian thing to do on a sunny day. And that’s exactly why- it IS the most Australian thing to do! A few hours in Sydney’s Bondi beach is the best start to any holiday, so bask in the glory of that glorious Vitamin D (and Vitamin Sea). It’s just what the doctor ordered! Carry your sunscreen, make sure everyone’s hydrated and just simply have a blast. Build sandcastles on the shore, go for a swim or catch a surf. Once you’ve all got a tan (and your hunger) going, dig into the picnic basket because all that fun is sure to work up an appetite! After your morning sojourn on Bondi, head on over to the Taronga Zoo, which interestingly true to its name from Aboriginal origins, means ‘beautiful view’. In the heart of the city with real estate rates as high as its skyscrapers, the animals housed in this zoo are blessed with the crème de la crème of Sydney’s skyline views! Yay them! The Australian walkabout is definitely the highlight of any visit here with the koalas and sugar gliders crawling around and kangaroos and wallabies galloping around. The little kids (and us big kids) are sure to be happy thanks to all the animals around. Next up, I’d suggest catching a high-tea with the family. Finding a good kids high-tea around Sydney to fit your budget is a no-brainer. Chances are you get major brownie (and scone and sandwich) points from the kids and become their best friends (if you weren’t already). Once the day is up, we want you to spill the “tea”, sis and let us know if it worked! With an hour to kill until your dinner reservation, saunter along Circular Quay towards Kings Street Wharf where your mighty chariot for the night awaits. Consider renting a bike for the older kids. The setting sun and its aura, the smiling kids and that stunning Sydney vista are sure to remind you that life’s good! Now, for the highlight of the evening, the Sydney Harbour dinner cruise! If, by this point, the kids haven’t gotten on your nerves (and vice versa) and everything is hunky-dory, then lug them along for a family-friendly Sydney Harbour dinner cruise. Catch spectacular panoramic vistas and enjoy an expansive buffet dinner with the entire family. If you’ve made arrangements to ditch the kids and go on a date night, we have a recommendation for you! A Sydney Harbour dinner cruise with drinks and a cabaret show to redefine date nights forever. The glitz and glamour of the entire affair, the charm of an authentic paddlewheeler contrasting the modern city skyline and the delicious food are all sure to rekindle the fire! You can thank us later!
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