A Life without FRIENDS is Difficult to Imagine
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A Life without FRIENDS is Difficult to Imagine

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A friend in need is a friend indeed. The proverb is an import of an advice mentioned in the book, Chanakya Neeti. The treatise on political science for kings and rulers also finds the mention of the need to have friends. What makes the man who sowed the seeds of a strong power ask even the all powerful kings to have friends.

There is popular Sanskrit quote:               

Alasasya kutho vidya,
Avidyasya kutho dhanam,         
adhanasya kutho mitram,          
amitrasya kutho sukham.

The import of the above quote is that those who laze will be bereft of knowledge, those who bereft of knowledge will be have no wealth, and those who are bereft of wealth will lack friends and happiness.

Move all these quotes hither and thither to get various meanings, for example we may say a man without friends will find his distress call unattended or lack happiness.

Let us take a look at many of our bollywood movies songs lyrics; they celebrate the joy of friendship. Yeh dosti ham nahi chodenge (sholay) celebrates the friendship while Mukesh (dost dost na raha..) in the Raj Kapoor movie sangam laments the loss of friendship. Bollywood movies and lyrics are interspersed with the essence of friendship.

School going children and college going young men and women published their address and wrote letter to the published addresses to get contacted and contact people far and wide wherever the magazine reached. That quest for friendship and you ability to write got many its benefits. People kept writing to each and also met when they travelled and kept the friendship alive. Some of them lost the trail mid-way through the travails of life. But the impressions of joy for life time remained giving them pleasure of those moments and words exchanged.

Today the avenue of the Internet and World Wide Web had turned the world into global village, as perceived by Marshall McLuhan. People can get in touch with anyone from anywhere in the world. The web 2.0 revolutions has further reaffirmed this ability to know, select, chat, discover interests, get mutually involved in a activity or a game and thereon develop friendship. You can make new friends, make friends online, and meet online friends on any social networking site the biggest 21st Century gift to the human and the online community. A relationship of friendship can be joy forever (read John Keats Thing of beauty is joy for ever) and get involved in all Keats feel you can do. Share every little feeling, feel a sense of belonging, and enjoying living on the earth. Extending Keats idea and to exaggerate would not be wrong. Friendship is natural born instinct in all human beings.

Just imagine a Life without FRIENDS; will it fit you with joy?

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