A Permanent Solution to Regain and Maintain Lost Beauty
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A Permanent Solution to Regain and Maintain Lost Beauty

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Plastic surgery helps in correcting or restoring any defective form and structure. Even burns can be treated and corrected by this surgery. People born in the world, is believed to possess defects in one form or the other. When the defect becomes apparent, it matters the individual concern. He may even develop inferiority complex within him, thereby loosing self confidence gradually. Face is the part that people are most conscious about and the shape, size and position of the nose, plays an important part in exposing the beauty of the face. Modern science has contributed much that helps in restoring the required form in the individual. Aesthetic nose can be achieved by correcting crooked, short or long, narrow or wide nose that does not suit a particular face.

The method of correcting the total or common appearance of the nose is called Rhinoplasty. Aesthetic nose can be achieved through Rhinoplasty. It is a cosmetic nose surgery. Rhinoplasty is also performed for those born with cleft nose and for people having breathing problem, due to obstruction in the nasal airways. The surgery hardly takes thirty to sixty minutes. One who feels that his nose needs correction can approach a plastic surgeon, who will determine the surgery required. Rhinoplasty helps in correcting bump or depression in the nasal bridge, droop and plunge nasal tip, extremely flared nostril etc. The surgery brings a total change in the appearance of the nose in its shape, structure and size. By this surgery, nose can be made to balance with the total features of the face. This surgery can be performed even on 50 year old persons. Surgery is carried on under general anesthesia.

Liposuction is a surgical method of removing excess fat deposits in the body. Unwanted or excess fat that gets deposited under the skin and the muscle is removed by using cannula ( a small stainless steel tube), which connects to a forceful suction pump. This is inserted by making a small opening in the skin into the fat. The inserted suction cannula, removes the fat by creating tiny passages through the layers of fat that remains deposited under the skin amd the muscle. These passages or the tunnel gets automatically collapsed after the surgery. Once the unwanted fat deposit gets removed, you will get a beautiful and attractive body shape. Thus liposuction helps in improving the body shape and structure. This can be carried out in any area of the body where unwanted fat gets deposited like arms, legs, Thighs, waist, abdomen, hips, face etc.

Liposuction is sometimes performed with plastic surgery procedures of facelift, breast reduction. The candidate should be healthy and he should not suffer from any life-threatening diseases, so it is performed for adults who possess 30% of required weight with good health, skin and muscle condition.

Breast Augmentation with breast implants is a method followed in Plastic surgery to improve the size of the breast, maintain proper breast size after pregnancy, restore the breast that was lost due to cancer or deformity, increase the size, projection and total appearance of the breast. Hair restoration helps to solve problems like baldness and hair loss. There are many methods used in treating them and some of the methods are DHT Sensor, Laser hair therapy, Virtual Reality.

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By means of plastic surgery, defective or deformed nose can be corrected to achieve an aesthetic nose. By means of liposuction, one can retain a perfect body structure. All these procedures will help one to improve self confidence. The author is a researcher on cosmetic surgeries and has written many articles on this topic.

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