About 10 persent College Students Hope to work in Beijing
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About 10 persent College Students Hope to work in Beijing

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Yesterday, ChinaHR.com released the list of the best employers that hire college students in 2011. Due to last year’s financial crisis, foreign-funded enterprises suffer a sudden decline. However, they have staged a change this year and the number of foreign-funded enterprises entering the first 50 best employers has increased from 3 last year to 10 this year. Even so, the status of state-owned enterprises cannot be influenced.

This survey, which was done by nearly 200,000 college students from various provinces of our country, also reveals that about 10% of college students nationwide wish to find jobs in Beijing. It is obvious that the capital has the strongest ability to attract talents.

This year’s investigation concerning best employers that hire college students was done by approximately 200,000 college students from 764 colleges and universities. The outcome suggests that nearly 70% of them would like to work in first-tier cities and developed areas in the East after graduation. And Beijing, as one of the top metropolises, has superior attraction than Shanghai and Guangzhou which are also first-tier cities.

With economic recovery, foreign-funded and private enterprises are challenging the status of state-owned enterprises which have the title of Best Employer. They start to develop at an obvious speed, particularly foreign-funded enterprises. For the number of the first 50 enterprises increases from only three at the beginning to ten at present, including Microsoft, P&G, Google, Wal-Mart, Apple etc.

During the financial crisis in 2010, only 14.5% college students chose wholly foreign-funded enterprises as their first choice, while 32% chose this year.

State-owned enterprises remain an absolute advantage in such fields as energy, finance and telecommunication, which are all through the ages the best choice in college students’ eyes. For example, China Mobile remains champion for three consecutive years and Bank of China has never fell out of five for three years.

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