Acmelight Company profitable proposals for new Partners and Dealers.
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Acmelight Company profitable proposals for new Partners and Dealers.

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Acmelight Company, the only one Producer of exclusive Glow in the dark paints, expands Dealer network and is looking for Partners all around the world. First, a small representation of the Glowing paints Acmelight abilities: Luminous paints with the long effect of the afterglow, environmental friendly, with bright colors. Bright color palette makes it possible to chose those tints, that will differ your products from competitors ones. So, what do we propose?

We propose new ideas for business. How to begin your own business, using luminous paints like a basis? Simply enough. This new business does not require any big investments for expensive equipment and materials purchase. It is possible to start business of T-shirt with luminous image production, or glass decoration by luminous paints.

It is possible to add a new service at the price-list of tuning centre – tuning of car rims by luminous paints. It is very difficult to list all kinds of ready business and starting of your own one, where luminous paints can be applied. Let’s say – look at your business, products and services, that you provide and think, how you can increase its demand and costs correspondingly, using luminous paints Acmelight. Glow paints Acmelight can be an idea for starting the business from scratch.

The most important thing, while starting the business is the ability to get consulting services from specialist, which has a big experience in this direction of business. And Acmelight company can be such a Partner – Producer of Glow in the dark paints on the basis of phosphor (luminous paints with the long effect of the afterglow). How to become a Dealer? First, to become a Dealer of Acmelight company, you need to test the quality of luminous paints by yourself to be sure in its quality. After it we are waiting the proposal from you about Dealership in your region. We provide the delivery of ordered luminous paints in time, consulting and informational support, advertisement materials. We propose profitable cooperation and responsible Partnership!

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Acmelight Ltd. is the Producer of Glow in the dark paints. We are looking for exclusive Dealers and invite trading companies to cooperation on exclusive terms in Europe, USA, UK, and all around the world. We propose you profitable terms of cooperation! We present you our products, produced from high-quality raw materials. Glow in the dark paints Acmelight are presented by 10 types of paints for different surfaces. There are 9 colors of paints in production. Our company is also specialized in production of fluorescent paints: visible and invisible ones. Visible fluorescent paints of 10 types: for metal, concrete, glass, wood, plastic, flowers, textile, Oracal film, wallpaper (7 colors). Invisible paints are presented by 2 types of paints for walls and textile and it has 3 colors. We also produce paints for safety systems Acmelight FES, which are suitable for walls painting indoors, glowing photopaper, glowing safety signs, glowing nail polishes. Are you interested in this proposal? Contact us on our e-mail: For more detailed information:, Skype – acmelightcompany, ICQ – 583216294, Tel. +38(0564) 922692

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