Act as an Easter Bunny GirlAct as an Easter Bunny Girl
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Act as an Easter Bunny GirlAct as an Easter Bunny Girl

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Natalia Vodianova, a super model from Russia, has always been admired by people for her excellent body figure. Recently she has appeared as the cover of a fashion magazine again acting as a super sexy easter bunny girl. If you hope to be as sexy as super model, it is time to renew your equipment. The website,, will help you realize your dream. Here are several best sales that you can consider as references.

Sexy Fabric Nurse Costume H2103 in Black
This lingerie is a kind of the most classic role play costume. And it has found favor in most customers. Usually nurses in light color costumes are look like angels while those in black are sexy. This black combines seduction and mystery. And the whole set includes nurse hat, bra, G-string and garter belts.
Sexy Lycra Devil Costume H2053 in Red/Black
This lingerie is made of polyester and you will make your boyfriend thrilled when wearing it. It will show your charming body figure completely by the flared hem and the two tight fitting colors of red and black. Besides, included accessories such as horns and trident are also helpful for you to play the role of evil. If you have always been angelic, this lingerie can free your wildness and sexy charm in front of your lover.
Sexy Cotton School Sweetie Costume H2051 in Plaid
You have probably ever envied the hot body of the cheerleader when you were a student. However, this lingerie can help you realize your dream. This lingerie is made of cotton. The classic plaid pattern design and sexy mini skirt plus belts will perfectly show your oomph figure. Dressing in this lingerie, you will be the most fascinate cheerleader or maybe teacher in the eyes of your lover.
Sexy Polyester Teddy H2076 in Gold
This lingerie is made of a top kind of material which is called polyester. And you will definitely enjoy its excellent skin touch feel and elasticity. The design of deep V-neck will show your nice breast line and the sexy metallic gold color will make you a luscious lady. It can be traded as intimate underwear or swimwear as well.
Sexy Stretch Gold Stamp Bikini H2058 in Sliver
This lingerie will make you become the focus of people’s attention when you walk on the beach and help you to attract strangers who think you are hot. You will feel comfortable wearing this lingerie for its stretchy fabric and the bright silver color will shine with reflected light. Men will show their admiration on you for your nice breast line and hip line.
Refresh your weapon as fast as possible referring to lingerie mentioned above and set free your special luscious charm, acting as an easter super model in front of your beloved.
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